One Segment of Gift Markings is Public Requirements.

This category includes:

–  Star of Jupiter
–  Star of Apollo
–  Star of Pluto
– Lines of Genius

Public Requirements means at some level you express your Gift Marking with other people, followers, or groups or in a public way that is more impersonal like being on stage or writing a book. Each of these four Gift Markings has a different requirement for how to express in the public.

$35, PDF download, 86 pages

1. Star of Jupiter

–  Many, many stories to clarify the characteristics of this star

–  Multiple hand print examples about different ways this star looks, is
formed and locations (on the side, on the fingers) (new)

–  A new summary story near the end (new)

–  Extensive mythology story

–  Power (new)

–  Power Plays/Power Struggles (new)

–  Leadership & Influence (new)

–  Expanding the realm (new)

–  Breaking the rules to expand the realm (new)

–  An array of Jupiter Stars: Leader of leaders (new)

–  Royalty (new)

–  Burden of Leadership/Responsibility of Leadership (new)

–  Expanded stories/explanation of the Senator’s Wife syndrome

2. Star of Apollo

–  Expansion and stories in every segment

–  Hand print examples show stars with 8 and 7 points (new)

–  More examples of artistic expression

–  Expanded mythology and application

–  Expanded section on core expression

–  Expanded section on Apollo as an archer and applying to creative

–  Expanded section on the ‘favorite son syndrome’ and the importance of
that for Apollo

3. Lines of Genius

–  Many, many stories and expanded explanations of this marking

–  Mythology of Mercury that applies to this GM never before shared and the
application to Lines of Genius

–  Mass communications examples and insights

–  Mass communications theme and/or message

4. Star of Pluto

–   Expanded mythology description and application to the Pluto Star

–  Hand print examples of multiple Pluto zone markings (including stars,
vertical lines, grilles, multiple markings, diamonds) since these are all
as impactful as a Star of Pluto (new)

–  Examples of revealing what has been hidden on a global level (new)

–  Many more stories and examples to clarify behavior characteristics

–  Why this is a public requirement Gift Marking (new)

–  Personally revealing stories about my life (yikes!)

–  Abuse and addiction related to Pluto (new)

–  Underground wealth/riches (Pluto’s name in Greek means riches & wealth)