How I Started Reading Hands

In 1991 I attended a networking breakfast meeting focused on personal growth. That week’s speaker was Richard Unger. I had heard his name three years earlier and knew he would talk about hands. Having spent many years studying astrology, numerology, and mythology, I was interested to see how hands fit.

I was hooked within fifteen minutes of Richard’s presentation. After the talk I told Richard, “I don’t know how I’m going to do this, but I have to learn how to read hands.” Two weeks later I was taking an intensive workshop where I learned the basics of Hand Analysis. Within the first two hours of that class, I knew I wanted to take the Year Long course, to become Certified in Hand Analysis. And I did. Beyond that, I studied with Richard for three and a half years in graduate classes. In 2004 I became a Master Hand Analyst, after reading over 15,000 hands.

Having learned so much about myself through my hands and increasing my self-acceptance dramatically, my passion now is providing clarity for you about what your hands reveal. I also truly appreciate how differently each one of us views life and what drives us.

Much of my judgmentalness has been removed because I know, at a visceral level, that we are all unique expressions of the Greatest Love. Often people tell me, “If I had only known this when I was married to (or dating) ‘so and so,’ I might have understood more of what was happening and done some things differently.”