Asking For Help - Again!

Asking For Help - Again!

I know. This is a repeated topic. And yet it feels constantly evolving.


Asking for help, support, easy is that for you?


One of the things I've learned over the past year + is that my mood determines what kind of support I receive.


Meaning, if I approach asking for support from "I deserve this" energy and it feels true and aligned, the response is positive.


Like clarifying a desire for physical support to move some things between my garage and condo. I could do it all myself but it's much easier with help. So I've asked from an energy of trusting I could receive it. And it's happening. 


However, if my energy field is one of desperation, anger or moaning about a situation that wants to be resolved, the response is very different. Sometimes the other person can't support me at all because I'm not "REALLY ASKING." I'm complaining. 


~ Complaining isn't asking.

~ Nagging isn't asking.

~ Shaming somebody else isn't asking.

~ Creating guilt in somebody else to help you isn't asking.


Expecting a 'yes' from another in these places...not so helpful for anybody.


If I'm in a rant about something that isn't yet clear what I desire, there isn't anyway to support me. Like when I was earlier this year complaining about the external noise in the condo building where I live Until I shifted my energy from a complaining mode to an asking mode, no ideas or resolutions were available. I had to stop moaning for it to shift. 


What is 'asking' then?

Asking is feeling aligned inside, clear, open. From that place, from the energy of allowing yourself to be supported, then requesting help is workable.



Universal law says, "ask and it is given." Yes. And when you are requesting from a clear, truly aligned energy space, the universe will give you what you are asking for.