Cinderella is Intuitive

Cinderella is Intuitive

Cinderella is Intuitive

by Pamelah Landers
International Author, Intuitive Leadership Mentor

For decades I missed this about Cinderella. She is highly intuitive, psychic even. Depending on which version you watch, may determine which skills are actually expressed.

I missed it because I hadn't really owned my intuition and couldn't see that aspect of her. It was a few years ago that it became so obvious.

Cinderella talks with animals and hears what they say. Today that might be called an “Animal Whisperer”. Plus, she has a crystal ball in the original movie from 1950. Then she invokes a Fairy Godmother and all the magic the comes with that. Just sayin’ - this is a pretty powerful intuitive skill set.

Once her father died, who probably understood this about her, Cinderella didn't feel others would "get it." They might believe she was crazy. I imagine Cinderella felt she had to hide her intuitive gifts from her new step mother and step sisters. It would have been dangerous to let them know.

That, to me, is one reason she would have stayed in the position of feeling disempowered. She felt a bit crazy with her gift - not for herself. She had no issue with it. However, Cinderella wasn't broadcasting that she could talk with animals or had a crystal ball. She kept it hidden. Thus, hiding a significant way that she relates to the world, one that used to be easy with her father and mother before they died.

The connection with the animals kept her sane and eventually also are the messengers to the Prince to look for her in the house in order to "fit the shoe" - the perfect vibrational match.

It took another being who knew magic, her Fairy Godmother, to help her step out, literally, from her dungeon of despair and powerlessness, into the light. Cinderella at some level knew she was to go to the ball. She desired it, too.

One thing I realized about her is that she never saw herself as the "less than" slave her step family did. She maintained the feeling of the princess her father knew her to be, regardless of the change in circumstances. She was a vibrational match for the prince. He saw it in her, too. Not only her beauty but her body language ownership of "princess."

In response to her request (ask and it is given), the magical Fairy Godmother helped her go to the ball and be "seen" in her beautiful gown. At least seen "enough" to attract somebody who could see her, wanted to see her, wanted to be with her. Her step sisters and step mother couldn't really see Cinderella when she was in her ball gown. This really beautiful princess is invisible to them. They were only a vibrational match for the part of Cinderella that was disempowered.

I tend to attract intuitive people as clients, students and friends because I am highly intuitive. Owning intuition can be a journey. There were times I felt crazy and kept things hidden, like Cinderella, because it felt dangerous to share or the people around me weren't asking.

If you feel you are intuitive, trust your gut, your instincts, welcome to the world of "sometimes I feel crazy." You are not. Really. Ask for support. I'm available to encourage you and help you with specific steps on this journey to live from a place of trusting your intuition.


photo credits: with the fairy godmother
with the crystal ball