Course: Mastering Life Purpose and Life Lesson

Course: Mastering Life Purpose and Life Lesson

Revised Format and Dates: Mastering Your Life Purpose and Life Lesson

by Pamelah Landers
Artist, Author, Hand Analyst and Intuitive

Last week I sent out an invitation to the Mastering Life Purpose and Life Lesson Course. Then Sunday night, December 25, I received a download from my Guidance to change the format, length of time and dates. It has shifted from a 7-month course to now being an 8-week course, meeting on Thursdays at 4:00 pacific instead of Wednesdays. See details below.

Who this Course is For:

This course is for leaders. We will be looking at how each of the hand locations (fingers and zones in the hands where fingerprints can also reside) address leadership, what works and how it manifests. See below for examples of leadership expressions that could benefit from this course.

You already know about leadership. You've expressed regularly for a while now. By looking at your hand design, I can support you in tweaking areas that are asking for upgrades, new perspectives/language and/or releasing what isn't currently being asked of you, what not longer is working for you in your leadership expression.

I've been in leadership roles for 60 years, in a large variety of circumstances. Small groups. Large groups. Work. Volunteer. From a stage. Online. Live audiences.

My calling: I mentor leaders who are meant to demonstrate new ways of living and leading in this world.

In my world they’re called the highly gifted. There are many ways this can be identified in your hands.

Part of how I support you is to really deeply, specifically and pragmatically understand your design so you can live that soul contract. You can express your leadership at the most optimal levels, being the most vibrant examples for the people in your world to also live their full design.

The Purpose of this Course
~ To identify how leadership applies to each finger's Life Purpose and Life Lesson and what that means for you personally.
~ Adding in the relevant Gift Markings (line formations that identify Extra Potential Talent) that reside in the zones under the fingers or on the fingers as part of the leadership conversation.
~ Providing tangible and specific examples (and hearing yours) of how leadership is relevant and expressed for you. Next steps.

I am taking a stand, putting a stake in the ground for you. I am passionate about supporting people who are asking to take the steps to fully express you - to be true to your design.

We will be focusing on both left and right hands of the same finger in a class (e.g. both left and right thumb in one class). You will be sent printed handouts the week before and asked to do a little bit of preparation for the next meeting. So, this requires some time outside of class for you.

In this 8-week course we will be delving into what your particular expression and design look like, feel like, and the easiest and most soul satisfying ways to express. You won't be surprised. And there will be shifting, tweaking, upgrades.

You won't have to "figure it out" by yourself. You will have support which is the one of the most significant things I've learned in my life that makes the MOST difference. Groups are best for transformation. It happens faster in a group.

Your hands identify:
~ Who you serve and why
~ Who you don't serve and why
~ Your favorite method of communicating with your tribe and why
~ Where you hold back and where your strengths are
~ Where you most commonly feel stuck and how to recognize the pattern, then how to move through it to more ease
~ How you ask for support or don't and how that impacts your leadership success

For example, if you have right Apollo/ring finger Life Purpose (which is fairly common in my world) who you serve would have more of a creative aspect to their expression. If it's right Mercury/pinkie, people who focus on communication (writing, speaking, teaching) would be a more significant audience for you - more who you are designed to serve.

And so much more. Plus you will have group support.

In my view of the world, nothing matters more than soul satisfaction by living your design.

It's my Life Purpose to be a teacher, facilitator, step outside the box with innovative ideas and solutions, using my intuition and deeply held space of love.

I want you to feel so good about yourself and your life! I want you to be so seen that it's unmistakable.

I feel energized when I'm supporting individuals or groups with transformations and using my intuitive skill set. It all flows from love for me. Soulfully Satisfied!

Leadership - who qualifies as a leader?

Your leadership expression may be with large groups or small, volunteer or paid. It doesn't matter where it's manifesting.

Some people see leadership only by what is represented in the media and tend to discount it as valuable or important - or resist it even if their hands are designed for leadership (there are multiple places specifically that show up to take on a leadership role.) I remember when I was learning how to read hands how important the word "influential" for describing a leadership role is because so many people would say, "I'm not a leader" even if their markings identified them to be that.

Here are some examples of being a leader (that you may or may not recognize) that qualify for this course (it is not limited to this, for sure. These are examples so you don't leave yourself out if you feel a calling to join us.)
~ The obvious leader in a work environment (organization or corporation) such as a CEO, Manager, VP, Director, etc.
~ Manage a department in any type of work environment
~ The "go to" person in a work environment or volunteer organization, maybe the researched expert - you are influential
~ Volunteer work in a non-profit where you have influence with people or are part of the decision-making group (12-step program, church, community service group, national organization with a cause, etc.)
~ Teacher in any form and in any environment - paid or not
~ As a business owner: you might be leading your own tribe especially clients and/or students; maybe you have a small team of people on contract who work part time with you
~ Leader in your family including extended family

These are ideas - not a full list. Ask me of you have questions, please.

Another reason why you would say "yes" to this course is that you are asking to step into your next expanded level of leadership. Or you’re doing things you don’t want to be doing and are asking for support to clarify what is aligned for your most ease, or your most effective communication style. Maybe you're desiring clarity about language for your Life Purpose and Life Lesson, ideas on how to recognize where on the spectrum you are. Classes and groups are great for expanding ideas, examples and next steps that you won't receive in one-on-one work with me. Plus, in groups with me bonding happens with others because I activate it (see the recent article on what I activate here)

Logistics: Mastering Your Life Purpose and Lesson Course

The course begins Thursday, February 2 and goes through March 23, 2023 meeting at 4:00 pm pacific for two hours on Zoom per week.

****PLUS you will have a private one hour session with me per month.****

Your Life Purpose is a contract.
Your Life Lesson is a separate contract yet they are connected.
Your Life School is yet another contract yet also connected.

I won't tell you something you don't already know. You've been living with yourself your entire life. What I DO provide is language, images, tangible next steps for you to express your soul contracts. And permission (that's what my clients have been telling me for decades.)

One other benefit. If you have Gift Markings in the zones we are covering, you will also be receiving language for those. A list of Gift Markings by Zone/finger will be provided after you join the class.

This course is $1000.  Payments can either be made in full up front or monthly at 500 per month. And can paid via Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, Stripe, Apple Pay or credit card.

I will need a down payment of $300 by January 10th so there is time to be sure I have accurate digital photos or hand prints to identify your Life Purpose, Lesson, School and Gift Markings before the course begins.

Here is the CC link for full pay. If you would like to use one of the other options and haven't paid me before, email me for how to make that happen.

This is the link for down payment of $300 due by January 10th.

I will need your hand prints and/or digital photos. Once I receive a down payment or full pay, I will communicate with you about how to have that happen if I don't already have them.

Two articles previously shared here on this blog site is what I activate, which is relevant for this Mastering Course. .


p.s. Please let me know if you have any questions. And also if you are seriously considering this course. Plus, if you'd like to attend but the time doesn't work for you, let me know that, too. There might be a call to do a second group.

There are other classes that can be added to this course to enhance your expression as a leader. You can access the full Curriculum for Leaders information on the previous article posted here.