Healing Abuse - Part 1 'Your Life Matters; Your Life Has Meaning"

Healing Abuse - Part 1 'Your Life Matters; Your Life Has Meaning"

by Pamelah Landers
Artist, Author, Hand Analyst and Intuitive

On January 24 I turn 75!

I've been doing a Life Review over the last few days as I prepare to celebrate, creating a PowerPoint of life highlights. It's a creative project that is all about me! How fun is that!!!!!!! OMG it's so soulfully satisfying.

One turning point highlight I focused on was learning what I "activate". I've shared information about this in a couple of recent newsletters. You can go scroll through this blog for recent posts with this information.

I searched for and found the original email from my dear friend Dawn Nocera from April 2014. It was the first time I heard about activations. I had forgotten a very important piece over time about the "healing abuse" activation.

Dawn and I were just getting to know each other in 2014. I had emailed her a song just recorded that week in the studio "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes" from Disney's movie Cinderella. Dawn's email response after listening was this:

Receiving your voice feels like a resuscitation of cells that have been damaged by abuse. Self-abuse or abuse from others. It feels to me like a gentle pulsating revival of purpose, well more like a revival of meaning. Whispering to the soul, "Your life has meaning."

I thought you might like to know how it feels from someone in a state of appreciation for the music of your voice.

I think it is interesting that your healing is so specific to abuse and that the remedy for abuse is so beautifully enCODED within your voice, "Your life matters. Your life has meaning."

I had known the power of those thoughts before, but didn't realize they were specifically CODED to heal abuse. Freaking amazing what spirit infuses in our gifts. Since this first sharing, Dawn and I have engaged in MANY conversations during the last 8 years about this activation. In my language it had boiled down to "I help heal abuse - self-abuse or abuse from others." I've also learned since then that it's not just my singing voice that carries activations. It turns out that activations are soul agreements, just as fingerprints are, and that it's an energetic field that is WHO I AM. Singing, speaking or being.

What I hadn't recalled was the importance of "your life has meaning. Your life matters."

I tell people, "I see you," which is so true. Both through hand markings and my intuitive skill set.

Very often people feel better after talking with me, being with me. They feel more aligned with clarity for their life. Or they breathe a sigh of relief. My energy is, on the liberated path, constantly holding space for and providing energy for "your life matters - your life has meaning." It may be the next step that is revealed and its' a relief to feel that.

This awareness that my healing abuse activation is actually saying "your life matters" and "your life has meaning" whether or not those words are spoken, is so exciting!

And that, in itself, is a healing abuse experience.

Self abuse:
When I see you saying mean things to yourself, diminishing your talents, not honoring your gifts, I see self-abuse. It's so obvious to me because of this activation. Or it might be something as simple as not making a request for something you desire that could easily be filled. Of course, your style of self-abuse is easily seen in your hand markings by me.

I, too, can be unkind, mean, hard on myself and that is self-abuse. Even if I don't drink enough water in a day, that can feel self-abusive to my body. Or staying up late. Diminishing or holding back my expression in newsletters is another say it can show up. 

The deal is that how you treat yourself is how you train others to treat you and what you tolerate and accept from others. There are layers to the entire abuse cycle. I even created an audio on the "Charm/Abuse Cycle". And there is a section included in my book Unleashing Your Inner Artist available on Amazon.

If you are asking questions about if your life matters or feeling a desire to enhance the relationship with "my life matters" or "my life has meaning" because you've felt a bit lost about the meaning part being in my field s a desire. If you are not, you probably won't really want to hang with me.

Maybe you're searching for the next layer of meaning for you life. Seeking me out would be a match. If you're not, it may not be the right time. Or you may never feel a desire to interact with me. That's totally how it is. No judgment. It's either an energetic match or it isn't.

I'm sharing this so you're not completely surprised if a conversation appears where something wants to be shifted about your thoughts, patterns, behaviors, beliefs that are limiting you in a way that asking for expansion.

Also, if you are in a class with me or in a client relationship, my perspectives through these activation codes are present...all...the... time.

In part 2 of this series, we'll be looking at how my art activates healing abuse or other things. I'm a prolific artist!

Then in part 3, meaning is the topic. I went through a crisis last year of excavating the depths of meaning in my life. So much learned and looking forward to sharing.


p.s. The Mastering Life Purpose and Life Lesson Leadership Course based on your fingerprints begins Thursday February 2. I posted information and details about it. You can check a recent blog post to see the curriculum on my website blog. Also a recent blog post to read about and/or sign up for the 8-week course Mastering Your Life Purpose and Life Lesson. I will need digital photos and/or hand prints for this course so I will need to know this week.