Inspiration and Dedication

Inspiration and Dedication

by Pamelah Landers
Artist, Hand Analyst and Intuitive

This week my new book, Unleashing Your Inner Artist, becomes available on Amazon. See details below.

As I was contemplating today's newsletter, I was aware of the importance of the "village" it takes to support creativity in one's life. The Dedication Page in my book reads:

This book is dedicated to all the mentors, teachers and artists who have influenced me in all forms of creative expression. I appreciate each of you following your own voice and inspiration to authentically express as an artist.

I was also inspired by a video on YouTube I watched the other day of Jamie Foxx being interviewed on "Inside the Actors Studio" with James Lipton in 2004.

Repeatedly Jamie referred to the "tools" his grandmother supported him in having as child and teen such as piano lessons, football, humor and taking risks creatively in many areas.

Jamie: "My grandmother said, 'I see something in that little boy that's very special' and she made sure I had every tool that I needed to grow and expand."

Even though Jamie credits his grandmother with the tools, other people actually taught him how to play the piano, how to play football, subjects in school, mentors in the form of teachers and coaches.

I, too, have had many tools presented in my life. The support at a very early age was my Mother, who provided the space and tangible experience of experimenting with craft projects when I was 3, 4, 5 and continued until about 3 months before she died at age 98 in 2019. We completed a scrapbook project together. It was an inspired project. See more below.

This is a page from the scrapbook to demonstrate the variety of papers we used and how stories were displayed.

The 2019 Scrapbook
The reason the scrapbook idea was born is because I was visiting my parents for in April 2019 for a few days, knowing I was returning in June for two weeks. I could see how bored my mother was in many areas so I suggested we create this book for my niece Annalise. A project to excite her and keep Mom focused as my motivation.

When she was pregnant in 2017 with her daughter, Lucy June, Annalise asked for stories and examples of strong women. Well, that would be my family.

For the scrapbook, Mom and I looked through photos, and I typed up a couple of my Mom's stories as she shared them with me. Between April and June, I asked multiple females in my family to share their stories for Lucy June.

When I returned in June, we printed the stories on a variety of paper stock I had with different backgrounds (see example above), added photos and created this beautiful scrapbook full of examples in Lucy's heritage including her great-great grandmothers.

Stories of risks like my younger sister sky diving, or creative risks that both my Mom and I have taken throughout our lives were included. My dad shared a story about his mother and how she survived some difficult things during his childhood. My Mom's mom, Ruth, was super creative and some of those stories were included.

My older sister, sister-in-law and stories of a couple of inspirational family friends were also shared, covering a variety of life experiences.

Of course, we made two scrapbooks - one for Annalise and I have the other one. Annalise cried when her father, my brother Bob, delivered it to her and she recognized what was in the scrapbook. That made my day!

Back to the Dedication Page in my new book: Who are the "mentors, teachers and artists..." who have inspired me?

As I was contemplating this over the week, I realized that beyond the obvious teachers in classes all the way from kindergarten through college, how often watching a movie inspires me. And I don't know those people personally. Art galleries, cards at CVS, listening to podcasts, conversations with friends and clients, reading books...ideas and inspirations flow from so many sources and all are teachers in some way.

As an adult I've had so many mentors, guides, teachers and inspirations that I actually can't count them all! I feel so blessed.

However, some of my favorite and most surprising "teachers and inspirations" have come from you - students in classes, clients, friends, people I've met at networking events and people who comment on my newsletters or Facebook posts. (I love that!)

My family members are part of who have taught me and inspired me with my creative journey as well.

Creativity is a journey, not a destination.

Unleashing Your Inner Artist: Permission to Release Your Creativity is launching Friday, September 9th. Both printed and Kindle versions will be available. I will send out an announcement later this week with the links (they are not yet up on Amazon - it takes a few days to populate from the time the "publish" button is clicked on!)

Printed version: $19.75
Kindle: $9.99


p.s. I'm so excited about this book - chock full of inspiration!