Introvert/Extrovert Aspect of Creativity

Introvert/Extrovert Aspect of Creativity

by Pamelah Landers

My next book, Unleashing Your Inner Artist: Permission to Release Your Creative Expression is in layout! It's actually going to be published through Amazon and released in early September.

My Life Lesson is right Apollo (ring finger) - being creatively expressive in a public way. One of my two Life Purposes is left Apollo (also ring finger)- to be an innovator, to make things up. The 2nd Life Purpose is to delve into Spiritual Identity Transformation - moon zone (formerly called Spiritual Teacher.)

Consequently, I have an entire book on a wide range of conversations about being creative and allowing the inner artist to be unleashed. More to come and what gets in the way.

So, I'm sharing an excerpt here about one aspect of creative expression from the book that is obvious once you hear it but not necessarily discussed regularly - a portion of the section (it would be too long to put the whole section here!)


Creative expression can cover the full spectrum of being introverted to extroverted. Many creative people find that the introverted aspect is required for the muse to share inspirations and then work on a project. This is especially true for writing, which is known as a very solitary process, for example, or maybe sewing and wanting to focus uninterrupted. Making up a new recipe or following a complex one for the first time and needing to concentrate falls into this category. There are many different artistic expressions that are very internal, where one prefers or requires being alone to create.

When I’m doing almost any of my creative endeavors, I’m alone: painting, creating cards, writing, organizing my photos. I often crochet alone, however, I could be in the presence of others doing that. The project, however, is one I am doing by myself.

I also know for me, and others have said the same thing, that time alone is necessary for the “muse” to inspire me. And not “being busy” doing projects also allows the inspirations to become conscious. For some people, it happens walking or running or working out in a gym. Others may feel, hear or see creative ideas or solutions while doing dishes or some mundane tasks.

Yes, there are “group” inspirations that happen such as for writers on a TV show that meet together for hours at a time. Possibly one of them leaves the room for a bit and something “comes through” suddenly because they are alone. It’s helpful to provide the space for inspiration by not being busy “doing” all the time. Business environments can spark creativity with a group sharing ideas and solutions, and solving problems in different ways. Teachers often learn from students in the process of explaining or discussing what they know.

Consequently, it is helpful for the creative person to have permission to be self-contained, internal and feel good about that, without apology as well as interacting with others.

Not all creative expressions are for others to see or experience. When a project is being called to share with others, the extrovert could show up at a book launch party, serving the new recipe to a few neighbors or your cooking group that meets once a month, thus being a host or hostess. Having your art displayed in a public place when you also are there, such as at a street fair or art show would be another place where the extrovert could appear.

The obvious artistic expressions that involve your extrovert could be acting on stage, performing music in front of a live audience, preaching from a pulpit, teaching in a classroom, public speaking in any form, interviews on a podcast, news anchor on a TV live program…you get the idea.

That doesn’t diminish the introvert part. Both are part of the creative person’s process.


p.s. announcements coming soon about ordering the book!

The photo is one I took at the San Jose Rose Garden - rose is called Koko Loko - this color is so unusual and delicious - I did this photo shoot alone although I could have been with another person