New E-book: Intuition Markers in the Moon Zone

New E-book: Intuition Markers in the Moon Zone

by Pamelah Landers
Artist, Hand Analyst and Intuitive

I just can't stop creating! Writing is one of my favorite artistic expressions. And...trusting my intuition, downloads, insights and hunches is all part of the creative process for me.

I shared with a client recently, which came up spontaneously in our conversation about a client's hands, that it would be a good idea to have a publication on the Moon Zone markers focused on Intuition. Especially for non-hand analysts who actually have these markings, identified during a reading. Where can they go to learn more about their design without having the purchase the entire Intuition Gift Markings e-book.

I suggested she could recommend this book for her clients, an easy entrance into understanding their markings.

So it's here - a book just on the Moon Intuition Markings: Gift Markings and fingerprints.

What I did was copy from the Intuition Gift Markings book the two Gift Markings that reside in the Moon zone: the Line of Clairvoyance and the Star in the Moon. And of course, I did some editing (how could I not!)

More importantly, I added conversation and examples of fingerprints in the moon that, for me, are the same as the language for the Line of Clairvoyance. It's my experience, from having talked with thousands of people, that the all fingerprints that reside in the Moon are at the impact of the Moon Zone's energy. How could they not? It just makes sense!

Since fingerprints are formed before birth and never go away, they are significant no matter their location (or ranking if you are a Hand Analyst).

Oh, and there is a revised conversation/description about the Line of Clairvoyance - previously Spiritual Identity Transformation Guide.

Why? You may ask...

Well, so much of the language I have written about in the Line of Clairvoyance focuses on the Moon Zone markings as "crises of meaning." I feel there is a lot more to it than that. My friend and fellow Hand Analyst, Michelyn Gjurasic, were talking about the moon markings one day and we came up with this new description.

So...I've changed the description, some of the language and examples to reflect Identity Transformation as a spectrum of things that feel good and work well to situations that may feel like a crisis of meaning. Sometimes the identity transformation is a huge relief and not a crisis at all!

Since I have both a Line of Clairvoyance and loop fingerprint in my Moon zone, I added a list of my personal Identity Transformations, which is not included in the Intuition Gift Markings book. For each one I added an age at which I went through the identity change - some were difficult, some were great joy!

There are many hand print examples of the variety of styles in which the Line of Clairvoyance appears. Plus, a table of what fingerprints looks like on the fingertips. And then multiple hand print examples of how the fingerprints actually appear in the moon zone, which is not always the same as how they appear on the fingers. For example, an arch in the moon often shows up sideways!

Intuition Markers in the Moon Zone of the Hands is a 38-page e-book, is $15 and I feel, personally, super helpful especially if you have fingerprints in the Moon and don't really understand what that translates into for your life.

Click here to obtain your copy!