Noticing & Receiving Support

Noticing & Receiving Support

Last week one of my friends received an intuitive download suggesting I pay more attention to receiving support.  Much of my adult life I have been my sole support system. If I want it done, it's up to me. 


Although that has shifted in recent years, there is still a part of me that carries the 'weight' of doing it myself.


What if I shifted my perception and paid attention to places I am supported - by people, or nature, or even computer software?


What if I intentionally focused on being aware of letting myself have help or encouragement, tangible acts of generosity from others that I allow in?


I feel so much more relaxed allowing for this truth in my life.


In the last 4 days, since this came to my attention, I'm surprised by what I had missed before and how allowing in support changes what happens. I realized not allowing for it is an intimacy barrier.


For example, this week I talked with a friend on Wednesday that hasn't recently been active in my life. She had all sorts of helpful resources for book publishing that I hadn't considered.


Another friend picked me up at Jiffy Lube and took me to lunch while I waited for my car to be repaired. We had planned lunch together but the location changed when my car started acting up on the way, so I turned off the freeway and drove directly to Jiffy Lube. The men there were so helpful in the car repair and I even received special pricing.


And my friend Carole gave me permission to pick fresh tomatoes from her garden.



There were many more things that transpired. I'm sharing these because some are 'little things' and others more significant. And it doesn't really matter. Letting myself be taken care of, helped in these ways feels amazing.


So my new filter is, "How can I let myself be supported in this project, or that task or in whatever way is up in the moment?"


You may want to consider this yourself if receiving help is challenging!