Receiving Help - Part 1

Receiving Help - Part 1

by Pamelah Landers
Artist, Hand Analyst and Intuitive

For years I've shared newsletters about asking for help - in a variety of ways. Asking is important, necessary, to have what you desire.

Then there is the willingness and ability to actually receive what you're asking for. That's a different "muscle" to develop. (The photo is a card I made).

Although very connected, taking action on both asking and receiving doesn't always happen. Sometimes the receiving is challenged because you don't recognize that you've been given what you asked for.

For a while now, I've been declaring that I'm "tired of handling so much of my life alone, on my own." This includes work and personal aspects.

Monday October 24 in a group conversation with friends, I made an even bigger "declaration" or "not moving forward without more help." I asked for more support. I wasn't specific so I received non-specific opportunities from the universe...LOL.

Thursday (3 days later) a string of opportunities to ask for help from others began. At first, they seemed like "little things." My part was to recognize that I was provided for and receive the support.

Each circumstance has required deeper trust.

Thursday morning when I returned from Trader Joe's for food, I discovered the water was off in my condo. Yikes! Totally taken by surprise (and feeling a bit safety-threatened), I called my neighbor to ask her if she knew anything about it. She did. I'm a renter, she's an owner and it turns out the announcements about water outages, for example, are now being emailed to owners and no longer are they posting signs. They used to.

So I had NO IDEA this was happening. I received her support by being given information about why and for how long. And we agreed she would notify me in the future of any notices such as this. That helped me feel a bit safer.

I'm feeling a bit rattled by being unprepared to wash my hands, for example. If I had known, I would have set aside a bowl of water by my kitchen sink and bathroom sink (which I ended up doing that night just in case...the water was off two more days that week.)

That led to another action, anther request: call my homeowner and ask find out what it would take to have me added to the email list for notices such as this. She doesn't do email so she wasn't notified either. That has now happened. I receive that support.

Later that morning, a 5.1 earthquake happened (while the water is out). I'm already a off kilter. That just "shook things up" even more.

Fortunately, I had a phone call set up within a few minutes to talk with a friend and was able to share my feelings, be heard and honored for where I was. I could relax more. I received her support and felt seen/heard. Which always settles me.

Saturday, I received a notice from the IRS that basically turned out to be a "math error" I discovered, once I called and talked with 3 people on this last Tuesday (asking for help and receiving it.) And I need to ask for additional support to get this resolved.

The next day (Wednesday) I left on a business trip and forgot to take my phone (changed purses). I didn't realize this until I was already through Airport Security and couldn't do anything about it. Fortunately, I had my computer and was able to email the person picking me up at the airport to let him know where I would meet him. Having been to that airport before, I knew just where to go.

And the person picking me up when I returned home was also needing to be done through email only. So much trust was required because I was so "safety triggered" by not having the "trusted tool." What was I going to do for an alarm? Do hotels still do wake up calls? Could I figure out the alarm if there is a clock in the room?) I ended up asking my guidance to wake me up at the times I needed each day (I've been doing this for years so it's a trusted method) because I could figure out the alarm.

While I sat at the airport a bit stressed about the lack of a phone, I thought, "Maybe I'll ask Steve, who was picking me up, to help me find a prepaid phone (which we did - however I could never, even with help from others, get it to work.)

By the time I relaxed enough at the airport to breathe into this week of events and ask my guidance what was going on, I recognized the pattern and remembered the declaration of "not doing it alone, that I asked for more help." Because the "ask" was non-specific, the situations weren't necessarily recognizable as a "request for support" until the 4th one happened.

One benefit of being in "ask and it is given" help mode, circumstances were orchestrated for me to connect on the first day with a master healer who was part of this spiritual business workshop. He sat next to me. For months I've been asking for an intuitive healer who can help me with some body stuff that's been going on (and, of course, the emotional parts behind it.) Taking a risk, I made the bold request of asking him to help me while we were there. I wanted to experience his style so I can share it with others (another newsletter). OMG what he did in an hour...

Why am I sharing this?

Often, we make a request but don't recognize the "given" part of the "ask and it is given." It took me until the 4th event to realize I was being provided exactly what I requested. More help. And...receiving it was my part.

Maybe this week you can pay attention to where you make requests and your consciousness about recognizing that you've been given the support you requested. Developing the receiving muscle may expand into other parts of your life as well!


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