Self-Applauding, Praising and Admiring

Self-Applauding, Praising and Admiring

by Pamelah Landers
Artist, Author, Hand Analyst and Intuitive

A short note today to honor you - what would you like to be applauded for today? What would you appreciate being praised for today? What might feel good to be admired for today? Give yourself a moment and truly tune in.

Then give yourself the applause, admiration and praise.

As you give it to you, you become a match to receive it from others. After you've done this, notice if others praise, applaud and/or admire you in some way...randomly. Then acknowledge it.

I am self-applauding, self-appreciating, self-praising, self-admiring for my artist. I love how much permission I have to experiment and make up new artistic expressions...all...the...time.

Let me know what you are applauding, praising and admiring yourself for! Seriously. Respond to this newsletter.