Simian Crease Gift Marking - New e-book

Simian Crease Gift Marking - New e-book

 by Pamelah Landers

Artist, Hand Analyst and Intuitive

The Simian Crease e-book is now available! A couple of weeks ago I shared in an email the Simian Crease trait of Stamina, announcing that the e-book was soon to be here. Well, it is now! See below for purchase options.

Below is an excerpt from one the book on The Simian Crease Purpose.

See handprint. What's unique about a Simian Crease is that the head line (thinking) and heart line (feeling) are combined into one line. For about 97% of the population, the head and heart lines are separate. That means a Simian has thinking and feeling as one line - it's all the same system to a Simian marked person.

This unique hand marking shows up approximately 1% to 3% of the time so it's not that common. Even if it were 5%, it still wouldn't be ordinary. However, when somebody has one and it's been identified, there is a lot of curiosity about what it means. I receive emails from unknown people asking me what I can tell them. That's what motivated taking this one Gift Marking and providing a standalone e-book.

This is a marking that can be identified without a hand analyst so people know they have it.

In recent talks with Hand Analyst Michelyn Gjurasic about the Simian, she's brought to my attention some things I hadn't considered. She has a family member with a Simian so has personal experience as well as readings hands.

So there is NEW content about this unique hand marking.

And...even though I've stated that the Simian Crease is 90% Romantic Idealist heart line, I never explained why in my previous version. There are multiple examples of how that applies in this e-book.

Another benefit is I've clarified the Purpose of the Simian Crease in a way that makes it so much more specific. See the excerpt below.

This book is for you if you have a Simian Crease, know somebody who does or you are a Hand Analyst and are reading hands for Simians.

Simian Crease Purpose

On the master path, the Simian Crease’s purpose is to employ your intensity of focus and high stamina to be a strong and clear communicator with a mission/quest. This could include being a super-problem-solver. Clarity of focus that involves both feeling and thinking perspectives add to the power of your clear messages.

Your strong communication could be in writing, verbally delivered or body language and carries the conviction and intensity of your relationship to the subject being shared.

... Another aspect of a Simian’s purpose, to feel soulfully satisfied, is that the intense focus you choose, most of the time requires a “never ending” subject or topic. The problem being solved could open up new worlds. For example, a musician who learns to play piano would prefer to be in this for the long haul. Learn to play, improve, take lessons, teach others, find different styles of pianos to play (upright, grand piano and electric, for instance.) What else could a pianist do to express? Maybe learn additional instruments such as the organ, guitar or cello. A goal could be to direct a well-known influential orchestra, such as the New York Philharmonic. Or write musicals like Andrew Lloyd Webber. Maybe you long to be a Van Cliburn and perform classical music around the world.

On the master path, as a Simian you will continue to make choices to expand your exploration so that boredom is not an issue or option. As you are discovering your mission, there may be steps along the way that aren’t “the thing” but contribute knowledge and experience that will be helpful. That means there might be short term focuses that lead up to the “never ending” topic. Following the piano path, a pianist may accompany the college choir then join the local community theater to play for the musicals. These aren’t the long-term goal and yet they are significant steps along the way.

Purchase Options:

This 49-page PDF e-book is available now for $15. Click here to purchase with a card. Or you can pay with Zelle, Venmo or PayPal. Email for those options if you haven't done it before and I will email the PDF to you.

There are 5 hand print examples that show different ways a Simian looks especially with "extra lines" attached. Plus, you'll see the Board of Directors line hand print which carries some Simian qualities. (I have one of these.) There is also a hand print example of the Romantic Idealist heart line.

Of course, many stories to demonstrate the characteristics from real life, things I made up and movies/TV shows. Turns out Barbra Streisand plays a Simian-like character often even though she doesn't have a Simian Crease. And then there is Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) from Ted Lasso who is always displaying Simian characteristics. Plus many, many more.

Here are the 10 Chapters:
1. Introduction and Purpose of the Simian Crease
2. Feeling and Thinking
3. Extremes
4. Intense Expression and Intensity of Focus
5. Stamina
6. You Need a Mission, A Quest
7. Student Path: Miscommunication, Misinterpretation
8. Outside Appearance as Calmness
9. Giving and Receiving
10. Story - the Freedom Writers that summarizes the characteristics


p.s. The 3-part Gift Markings class is coming up starting Tuesday, Nov 1.
And the Creativity Group begins Nov 1 for 3 weeks. Let me know if either of these interest you and I'll send more details.