The Sweet Spot Activation

The Sweet Spot Activation

by Pamelah Landers
Artist, Author, Hand Analyst and Intuitive

Earlier this week I emailed then posted on my blog an article about what I activate. The full blog post is share in this blog - in case you missed it. Details about activations are below.

Somebody I talked with recently said, "I could use some of your Sweet Spot activation," so I'm feeling that sharing some tangible examples would be a great way to start the new year.

When I feel aligned personally in a "sweetness of life" or a "sweet spot" any of the following events are happening:
1. I'm singing, alone or with others, or with myself to songs I've recorded of me singing (I so love to sing!)
2. Engaged in deep, meaningful conversations on topics of interest to me and the other or others
3. Holding space for somebody to be seen, to be heard, to be known, really known.
4. Sharing my wisdom/intuition because I am so full of it! (ha ha!)
5. Creating art in the multitude of forms (such as writing this newsletter), painting, photography, making cards, crocheting, creating class materials, co-creating with another for any reason.
6. Organizing files on my computer (I really love to do this!)
7. Engaged in hugs with friends
8. Laughing out loud with somebody else, others or alone

What is happening for each one of these (there are more) is that I feel aligned, internally at peace, energized, energy is flowing with ease, it feels easy to be participating in the activity and it's totally the "right thing" for that moment. Time goes by unnoticed. It just feels so sweet!

What my clients, students and friends tell me when they feel the sweet spot includes the following:

  1. Feeling truly seen and heard, deeply seen
    Permission to be true to themselves and express based on their design3. Relief at hearing words that resonate, that they've been asking for but hadn't quite lined up yet
    4. An inner knowing of ease, truth and potency
    5. Next steps to take that are easy (because you have all the resources for the next step - you don't have them for step 2)
    6. What I see them do is relax, breathe more deeply, shoulders relax, face lights up, smiling more, maybe even giggling

Some tangible examples of feedback from clients about feeling their sweet spot (in their own words):

"I just have to say that it fills my heart to witness your voice. It fills it to hear it as recipient… your writing is wise, warm, compassionate, truthful; all the things I get to experience with you as my teacher. There is so much power in the permission you've given yourself to be you. Thank you. It's an honor to witness and share." LS

"I was having a REALLY rough time yesterday so I got out the notes from my hand reading session with you. It helped me so much!!!! I was able to get back to myself with the reminders of my mission, and where my thoughts were taking me down the student path instead of the master path. So - I just wanted to express my gratitude for your work and the way you impact people's lives. It really did save my life yesterday and got me back on track." DR

"I got so lost after I said 'I do.' I must never allow that to happen to me again. Thanks for helping me get back to my center.

Thank you for helping me heal and to understand myself. It has helped my confidence a lot and made holding my ground easy.

"You ROCK!!!! I feel like myself again."

"Your insights about me and others in my life, even without
knowing them personally, have created so much clarity for me.
Learning, and then really KNOWING that I am to find my
center no matter what is going on around me, not making it
about others, has helped me hugely regain self-acceptance and

"I experienced a very insightful private phone session with Pamelah, where she gave me amazing, eye-opening information about who I am and why I'm here." JS

"I am still flying from our talk. I cannot thank you enough for your loving guidance.

"It's true!!! It is a very deep, peaceful love. Very Homeboy. When you look at me and smile, I vibrate higher. I am blessed to know you!

I love you and your calm, deep presence was my shining light on Wednesday. Love just beams out of you! Do you know that?" LV

"Your ability to really know, intuitively, what is 'under' what somebody is saying or how they are acting is a powerful skill you have." GB

"Thank you for so clearly communicating. What I love about you is your ability to speak with such clarity and that you truly are always modeling your teachings, you are approachable and giving. Loving and trusting. Kind and powerful It gives me permission to do the same because I see you doing it." SB

Activation details:
As a reminder: my dear friend, Dawn Nocera, who reads activation codes, states that they are "The unique and extraordinary energy of your soul that activates within yourself and others and generates your personal attractor field."

Activations have a "Conditioned Path" (student path in my hands language) and Liberated Path (master path in my hands language.)

Everybody has Activation Codes. Some people have 1 or 2. I have 3 (not surprising. I have complex hand markings as well.) By the way, my experience is that the Activation Codes relate to hand markings and provide a different perspective. We are the same person regardless of the system used to decode us.

Why am I sharing this?

Because if you work with me in any way or are friends with me, my codes are active in the field (just as yours are). And I trust that you are asking for what I activate when you say "yes" to relating with me in a class, private reading, phone call or Zoom. You may not be conscious of the exact request. Yet it's in the field. I'm aware of it.

If you are not asking, then there is not a connection to happen. It's not personal. It's just not a match. Or maybe you were exposed to me than felt uncomfortable or wanted to disconnect. It could easily be the activation codes I carry.

Also, if you are in a class with me or in a client relationship, my perspectives through these activation codes are present...all...the... time.

Activation Code #1: Healing Abuse- to self or from others:

Activation Code #2: Bonding

Activation Code #3: Sweetness in Life, Sweet Spot

You activate sweetness and the sweet spot in life." It took me a lot longer to grasp this one. Two other phrases that eventually made sense are "the path of least resistance/ the easiest path" and "as above, so below."

People feel turned on to the sweetness in life and to the sweet spot within their life as it is right now when they are in your presence. If they are not ready to live life more easily, more naturally, they will not believe what they feel around you is permanent or possible. They will resist sweetness by employing lots of hard work and lots of justification of the way they do things. It may feel like an attack to you personally when you are on the conditioned path of this activation. When you are on the liberated path you receive the sweetness of life so completely that other people justifying their "sour way" of living will not phase you.

I hope this is helpful for you to be aware of what you might be stepping into with me. And, of course, if you are curious about your activations, please visit Dawn's website It has been so helpful to me over the years to not only know this about myself, but to know what others activate who are in my presence. In addition to hand analysis language and what my intuition brings through, adding activation language is super clarifying.

Whatever you activate, trust that people are attracted to you in ways that feel so aligned! The people who don't - it's not personal. Just not a match. They aren't asking for what you provide.


p.s. This week I posted information and details about the new Leadership Courses beginning in February. You can see the curriculum on this website blog. Also to read about and sign up for the 8-week course Mastering Your Life Purpose and Life Lesson.