Video link - Webinar on Creativity and Aritistry

Video link - Webinar on Creativity and Aritistry

by Pamelah Landers
Artist, Hand Analyst and Intuitive

Click here for the link to the video from our recent conversation. The attendees shared their experiences with expressing themselves creatively. A wide range of expressions were included and so fun to hear each other's styles.

I also shared the cover of my new book Unleashing Your Inner Artist: Permission to Release Your Creative Expression.

The front cover is here! I love this cover! Lisa Lucca, who has been supporting me to get this book onto Amazon, found the graphic and we both knew right away it was the right one! created the artwork. I feel so blessed with this support.

I also shared the Table of Contents which I will include in another email.

Our group had a conversation about some possibilities of a book club or group focused on the book, taking a chapter at a time and creating community with each other for support in our artistic expressions. More to come on that.

Here is the back cover of the book.

The book will be available on Amazon September 9th. Look for announcements.

So excited to share this book with you all! It's been a project of love for sure! I love my artistic self!