What I "Activate" and Why It Matters

What I "Activate" and Why It Matters

by Pamelah Landers
Artist, Author, Hand Analyst and Intuitive

You may not know this - each person "activates" something. You embody this energy already at birth, like with your fingerprints (formed 16 weeks after conception = 5 months before birth.)

Your activation code(s) are soul agreements, just as fingerprints are.

And these can be decoded, just as fingerprints can be.

My dear friend, Dawn Nocera, who reads these codes, states that they are "The unique and extraordinary energy of your soul that activates within yourself and others and generates your personal attractor field."


Activations have a "Conditioned Path" (student path in my hands language) and Enlightened Path (master path in my hands language.)

Everybody has Activation Codes. Some people have 1 or 2. I have 3 (not surprising. I have complex hand markings as well.) By the way, my experience is that the Activation Codes relate to hand markings and provide a different perspective. We are the same person regardless of the system used to decode us.

Why am I sharing this?

Because if you work with me in any way or are friends with me, my codes are active in the field (just as yours are). And I trust that you are asking for what I activate when you say "yes" to relating with me in a class, private reading, phone call or Zoom. You may not be conscious of the exact request. Yet it's in the field. I'm aware of it.

If you are not asking, then there is not a connection to happen. It's not personal. It's just not a match. Or maybe you were exposed to me than felt uncomfortable or wanted to disconnect. It could easily be the activation codes I carry.

Also, if you are in a class with me or in a client relationship, my perspectives through these activation codes are present...all...the... time.

Activation code #1 Healing Abuse

In 2014 I started connecting with Dawn pretty regularly. We had met a few times before that but it was here and there. One day I emailed to her a recording of me singing. Her email back was "you activate the healing of abuse."


I had no idea what activations were. I emailed her back and then we talked on the phone later. I wanted to know what she was talking about.

"Healing abuse" felt true. And that she could hear it in my singing was amazing. At first, I understood it to mean than the healing of abuse only happened when I sang. As we talked about it more, I found out that it's present all the time, not just with singing.

I had been told about 7 years earlier by my Guidance that this life is about healing abuse and neglect for me, family lineage and thousands of people.

Here is what Dawn wrote about my Healing Abuse activation.

You activate healing of abuse. People are unable to abuse themselves or be abused by others in your presence. If they are self-abusive in any way, it will feel extremely uncomfortable for them to be around you. However, when they are ready to receive the activation of healing from self-abuse they will thrive in your presence and they will be able to receive the many blessings of your work & wisdom.

Conditioned Path: When you are triggered into thinking others are trying to abuse you or use you in any way, you are denying your own activation of being healed from any abuse.

Enlightened Path: seeing a self-abusive or being mean to myself thought as a habit of thought: an old outdated point of view.

Additionally, since I've had years to become conscious of how this activation manifests, I'm super aware of when others are being mean to themselves, being self-depreciating, being hard on themselves and will name it if the circumstances are appropriate. I'm highly attuned to where abuse exists in interactions, whether it's between people in person, with oneself, with animals, with thought patterns. I feel called to name it and ask if the other person/people have awareness of it. And are they ready to make a shift?

This means, if you are in a class with me, and are being mean to yourself, if it shows up and I'll notice it. And most likely comment on it.

Sometimes I miss it with myself. I can be holding self-deprecating thoughts or choose behaviors where I'm hard on myself. I'm open to those being acknowledged by others whom I trust when they recognize it. Because I hold this activation, it's important to me that I am aware of my participation on the full spectrum of expression, conditioned path to enlightened path.

Activation Code #2: Bonding

A few months later, Dawn told me one day, "You also activate bonding."

Again, "What? I have two activations?"

Bonding: Imagine you are like the sticky glue in any group, or relationship you are a part of. Your involvement in the creation process of any group or relationship dynamic creates a bond between you and the others. And there is often a bonding within the group - members with other members.

Conditioned Path: If you leave, add negative judgment, or even try to control the outcome of the direction of the group, others will feel that the entire group or relationship bond is broken. Bondage is also a conditioned path. People may feel like your requests are creating "bondage" instead of freedom.

Enlightened Path: Conversely, engaging in groups and relationships from a place of trusting that there is a divine reason/purpose that brought everyone together is how you receive the activation of bonding for yourself.

I've left groups when the leader didn't know how or wasn't designed to facilitate bonding. It's significant to me and if there isn't space for it, it's not a match for me. Any group I facilitate or lead, people tend to seek out deeper connections with others than they might otherwise do. It's what I bring to the table. People who are not asking for that deeper connection won't join or will leave groups that I'm in.

If they are not asking for bonding, my activation could be repelling and it's not personal. It's just not a match.

Activation Code #3: Sweetness in Life, Sweet Spot

It was probably an entire year later that Dawn shared one day that I had a third activation: "You activate sweetness and the sweet spot in life." It took me a lot longer to grasp this one. Two other phrases that eventually made sense are "the path of least resistance/ the easiest path" and "as above, so below."

People feel turned on to the sweetness in life and to the sweet spot within their life as it is right now when they are in your presence. If they are not ready to live life more easily, more naturally, they will not believe what they feel around you is permanent or possible. They will resist sweetness by employing lots of hard work and lots of justification of the way they do things. It may feel like an attack to you personally when you are on the conditioned path of this activation. When you are on the enlightened path you receive the sweetness of life so completely that other people justifying their "sour way" of living will not phase you.

Additionally, I've focused much of my life creating more "ease." I even wrote an entire e-book "11 Tips for More Ease." I've often experienced that people feel better after talking with me. Most of the time - Sweet Spot, sweetness in life.

I hope this is helpful for you to be aware of what you might be stepping into with me. And, of course, if you are curious about your activations, please visit Dawn's website www.ActivateMillions.com. It has been so helpful to me over the years to not only know this about myself, but to know what others activate who are in my presence. In addition to hand analysis language and what my intuition brings through, adding activation language is super clarifying.


p.s. Look for an updated description and format for the Mastering Life Purpose and Lesson course. I received a download Sunday night and the course is being reformatted. I will be sharing the revision in a couple of days.