What is Real Power?

What is Real Power?

by Pamelah Landers
Artist, Hand Analyst and Intuitive

As I'm typing the title for this newsletter, I hear my guidance saying, "yes, this is the topic."

My response, "Really? You want me to talk about REAL power, as if it's a thing?"

"Yes. And we are happy to channel."

So...here is what is being channeled.

"Real Power" is authentic love. That is the bottom line.

You can feel authentic, loving power in your body.

When you are in moments of feeling what you might call freedom to choose, that is authentic loving power.

When you are in moments of trusting your intuition, a higher source, guidance, angels, God, the Universe, that is authentic loving power.

When you are in moments of feeling the truth of something, that is authentic loving power.

For example, this week when the power went out, you immediately reached out to your friend Deb to see if her power was on. You trusted yourself and took self-loving action. That is a moment of power. Since it was an option, you asked her to support you through what was feeling traumatic, feeling trapped in a very hot home without power. with external high heat and no relief. Deb offered relief, love and authentic loving support and safety. Receiving this from her is real power.

Self-love is one of the most important permissions to feel powerful, authentically and regularly.

Real power isn't fleeting, it doesn't depend on somebody else's behavior or response, nor does it come from external sources. It's internally sourced, in partnership with a more expanded source of energy, e.g. intuition (see language above).

That's is real power. Authentically sourced self-love in partnership with a more expanded source of energy.

OK, Guidance. Thank you for this. I receive it!


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