When Is Enough...Enough Part 3 - My Personal Story

When Is Enough...Enough Part 3 - My Personal Story

by Pamelah Landers
Expert Master Hand Analyst and Intuitive Leadership Mentor

In the last two newsletters, I shared about the wound of feeling powerless and applied it the example of the Supreme Court Justices with "How Much Power is Enough?" (if you didn't see it and would like to, go here to my blog page).

I followed up with suggestions, recommendations and solutions to address the wound of feeling powerless. You can read that here.

This week I am sharing a personal story related to the powerless wound and when is enough...enough?

One of the places I feel powerless is when I'm keeping a secret. How long does it serve me, how much time is “enough” to keep a secret? To hide out behind the scenes? To share occasionally and only with some people?

Secrets can be fabulous skills or places of guilt or shame – and the full spectrum in between. I find it's easier for people to reveal the shame filled secret. So, being the maverick that I am, I am going to share the fabulous skills secret.

In the last 30+ years of reading hands, one of the biggest secrets I find people keeping is how actually gifted they are. For oh so many reasons. I've done the same thing in some areas.

Most of you know me as a Hand Analyst at which I excel. However, my strongest skill set is my intuition.

So I'm revealing a full expanse of my intuitive gifts. I am super intuitive. I know I've shared aspects of this over the years, but I realized recently that I've never "come out" completely with the depth and tangible skill set of my intuition.

When I tuned in, I could feel how I was unconsciously at first projecting an audience response that I am bragging or full of myself. To avoid the potential rejection and criticism (my life lesson) I haven't fully listed my intuitive gifts. Or people may judge me as crazy.

Hopefully my reveal will provide some permission for you to share a place (or places) where you are highly gifted and yet hold back from letting others know the full extent of your gifts.

After all, I am the Empress of Permission.

Here we go:

  1. "Soul speak."I communicate with souls of people who have passed over. I receive messages from and am in dialogue with their souls by asking questions, hearing responses or seeing visions/images/ symbols. I ask for clarity, support, direction. I trust this process because I've been doing it for decades.

Plus, I talk with Ascended Masters daily – I have been consciously since the 1980s. That includes Archangel Michael, Mother Mary, St. Germaine, Jesus, and Babaji, for example. There are others as well. I refer to them as “my guides” or “guidance.” You may have read about me communicating with them. But I’m not sure I’ve revealed who my guides actually are except to a handful of people. I also had an E.T. tell me in 1999 that I am an Archangel. Which is why communicating with the Ascended Masters feels so easy - peers.

I recall one day eating dinner with “Jim” in LA. He knew I was intuitive from things I had shared. As with most people, there is an assumption that because I’m intuitive, I could talk with beings who passed over. That is not true for all intuitives, by the way.

Jim asked about his dad who had passed about 20 years earlier. I tuned in and shared some personal information. Through tears, he thanked me and could feel a sense of peace knowing his dad was OK.

This is often the question people have about family members or friends who have passed on, “Are they OK?” TV show Mediums John Edwards, Theresa Caputo and Tyler Henry are asked these questions regularly and I’ve always heard them say, “Yes. They are OK. They are doing well.”

I have been talking with Archangel Michael, Mother Mary and Merlin (I called them the 3Ms) very regularly since the mid-1980s. However, I didn’t know I could talk with souls who weren’t Ascended Masters until about 2009.

My friend Carole referred me to two sisters who wanted to talk with their father. Just like with Jim, they wanted to know if he is OK. I told Carole I wasn’t sure I could do it. She was sure I could, so I said, “yes.” With these sisters, I was able to again, bring some relief for their questions. It required a new level of trust of my intuitive skills. And I did it.

I could have traveled the “powerless” route and not trusted myself. I could have said "no" to those requests years ago and ongoing ones now.

Other Intuitive Skill Sets (I use different intuitive skill sets with these - some are visual, auditory, feeling, cognitive, knowing)

  1. Magic Wand. Keeping it handy by my computer, I use this magical gift when intuitively I can feel somebody is asking for permission.
  2. Other life times.I access your soul records, especially ones that relate to this life time. It can be about your personal journey, work, relationships with others whom you know now. Many options in addition to these.
  3. Birth readings.That is where I can tune in and receive insights about your birth process and agreements made with your parents or other family members while in the womb. Mostly the emotional and spiritual aspects. Some of the physical process.
  4. Chakras. When I tune into your chakras I can access each one individually and also how they relate with each other in your system. I see where you are in flow or blocked energetically and offer suggestions. Move energy. Plus, I can see where you have chakra interdependence/co-creation with your partners, children, family members, business partners, clients, etc.
  5. Next Steps. No matter what is up, I tune in and feel what the next step or two is for your situation. It could be business or personal. I have a whole consciousness about the importance of knowing your next steps and not trying to "leap up the stairs" too fast.
  6. Relationship Dynamics. Reading the energetics of your relationship with others seems to be easy for me. I can see, feel, sometimes hear the interaction dynamics, what's behind it, where there are power struggles, where there is flow, what could be shifted for improved relationship interaction. I just know stuff.
  7. Feel the juice. When people are sharing some circumstance or situation in their lives, I can feel where the "juice" is that is at the basis of it. I'll ask questions if that isn't apparent and then I know immediately what direction to go in the conversation.

As a result of exploring these areas, I have stepped into feeling very powerful with my intuitive skill set. So that is no longer a secret! OK. It feels good to reveal that secret with you all.

~ Where are you gifted and would like to "come out" about it?

~ Who could you tell?

~ Feel free to respond to this email and let me know, too!


p.s. if you'd like to receive an intuitive reading from me, please email me at Pamelah@PamelahLanders.com, or reply to this email.