Your Legacy

Your Legacy

I was listening to a podcast with two women this week while working on an art project. At one point the conversation about legacy came up. One of the women was sharing how she didn't want to have to "work at" leaving a legacy. Meaning that she didn't want to "be responsible" for how people honored her in a specific way when she was gone.

My immediate intuitive response, "You have no control over how people remember you. You can't  force them to have whatever reaction they have. And you are already leaving a legacy."

It is my experience that we are leaving a legacy, daily, by how we are in the world. People remember us by how we treat them, how we behave that they experience. Our part is making choices about how we treat others and how we treat ourselves, what we role model.

I recall years ago telling somebody that I had already left at least three legacies that would be considered "a real legacy" by making choices to express myself artistically and as a leader.

One is all the community choir directing I've done, including founding the Fun Times Singers, whose 30th anniversary (they are still going) was Friday. We began rehearsals on June 10, 1992. I didn't do this "to leave a legacy." I did it because I wanted to.

The second legacy I was owning at the time includes all the books and audios I've published, mostly on Hand Analysis, some on relationship dynamics with self and others. How about the thousands of hands I've read? Students I've taught?

Then there are the 12 years in Toastmasters that include over 100 speeches and mentoring people, as well as leadership roles.

Since then I've realized that my daily choices are a legacy.

My weekly newsletters to you are a legacy. The private mentoring I do is a legacy. Years of church involvement has left a legacy. My art is a legacy.

Then there is the legacy of people who know me and whatever is it they remember about me, like or don't like. My behavior towards them. My point is, you are leaving a legacy. You don't have to "work at how people remember you." You are creating it moment-by-moment.

What is your legacy?
~ Do you feel aligned with how you are choosing to treat others? Treat yourself? Role model for others?
~ If you have accomplished some "big things" are you owning it as a legacy?
~ How would you like to be remembered and are you acting so that people will remember you that way?

Something to consider.