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One of the great gifts about the science of Hand Analysis is that it provides tangible insight about YOUR specific design. Your fingerprints, which are formed 16 weeks after conception, never change. They identify your Soul Agreement/Soul Contracts. Your hands really do contain your soul map and how you respond to the world.

Your Life Purpose/Soul Contract is in your biology.

The plan for your life is in your hands and most clients find that one session just isn’t enough. We are covering a lot about you when we open up and look at the significant lines, fingerprints and hand shape, and how they relate with each other.

Below are my virtual packages. Come with an open mind and get ready to hear affirmations about yourself and what your purpose is in this life.

Before a virtual Hand Analysis appointment, Pamelah will need either digital photos of your palms or hand prints done with ink. Once you express interest, she will be in touch and provide information on the best option for you.

Hand Analysis Programs

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