Fingerprints in the Palm

This system is an add-on to the fingerprints normally included on the fingers to identify Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Life School. This audio series covers ALL the fingerprints in the palm, examples of what they can look like and what it means to have them as high ranked (Life Purpose) or low ranked (Life Lesson). If they are “in betweeners” (between low and high ranked) that is addressed as well.

Why would the fingerprints be formed and then ignored or discounted? It makes absolutely no sense – at all!

Knowing fingerprints in the palm can add to your Life Purpose, create the option of more than one Life School and create more detailed understanding of Life Lesson depending on what finger prints are in the palm.

Not everybody has fingerprints in the palm. The most common location is between the Mercury (pinkie) and Apollo (ring) fingers just under the fingers at the top of the palm. Having fingerprints between Apollo (ring) and Saturn (middle) is next common, followed by fingerprints in the Moon Zone.

Rare are fingerprints in Venus, Mars and between Jupiter (index) and Saturn (middle).

Some people may have on fingerprint in the palm, some multiple locations. These audios cover the most common scenarios regarding the conversation about the locations listed.

Fingerprints in the Palm Part 1 covers:

  1. All Moon fingerprints (whorls, composites, peacocks, loops, & arches)
  2. Venus mound – whorls, peacocks, loops
  3. Mars mound – whorls, peacocks, loops & arches

~ Plus 15 examples of hand prints about how these markings can look on the palms

Fingerprints in the Palm Part 2

  1. Between Mercury and Apollo  (Whorls, loops, peacocks)
  2.  Between Apollo and Saturn  (Whorls, loops, peacocks)
  3.  Between Saturn and Jupiter  (Whorls, loops, peacocks)
  4.  Underneath the Apollo finger (loops, tented arches, whorls, peacocks)

There are 20 pages of hand print examples that accompany this audio that show many ways the fingerprints can show up in the palm.

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