Head & Heart Lines Gift Markings

This is the 3rd book in the new expanded Gift Markings series: Head and Heart Lines. $35, PDF download, 81 pages

It includes:

– Persephone head line

– Hal 9000 head line (also called the Octopus brain/Gifted Problem Solver)

– Simian Crease

– Pure Heart

Most people are born with head and heart line Gift Markings, unlike the other Gift Markings that appear in teen years or later, occasionally in childhood.

Head lines are how you think, how you solve problems and how you approach solutions. The Persephone and Hal 9000 are head lines.

Heart Lines are how you express feelings, how you express love and how you want others to express love to you. The Pure Heart is a heart line.

The Simian Crease is a combination of a head and heart line.
Head and Heart Lines
PDF download
81 pages

Hal 9000/Octopus Brain/Gifted Problem Solver
Simian Crease
Pure Heart
  • Gift Marking Purpose: Share deeper inner wisdom, intuitive wisdom
  • Mythology of Persephone
  • Guide for Lost Souls
  • Sharing Your Deep Inner Wisdom
  • Deep Access to Inner Wisdom
  • Resisting Your Wisdom
  • Student Path: Depression, Lethargy
  • Men with Persephone Head Lines
  • Maiden Daughter and Queen
  • The Maiden’s Relationship with Commitments
  • Persephone: Independent from the Life Line
  • Persephone into the Neptune zone
  • Gift Marking Names: their origin and use – Octopus Brain, Gifted Problem Solver
  • Gift Marking Purpose: Solve complex, big important problems/issues
  • Mentally Focused
  • Analytical/Logical: the mainstay of this head line
  • Research and Attention to Detail: the Relational Database
  • Intuition’s Role; usually this head line ends in the moon zone so it is intuitive
  • Hal 9000 Head Line Ending in Pluto
  • Involving Others: the problem isn’t big enough if you are solving it alone
  • Job Interviewing: tips on questions to ask
  • The Oracle/Resource Person
  • Independent Hal 9000 from the Life Line
  • Student Path: creating tangled webs and feeling bored
  • Retirement: the impact of attempting to retire with this head line
  • Gift Marking Purpose: Strong communicator, intensely focused (the head and heart lines are combined into one line)
  • Extremes: accepting your extreme focus and applying it
  • You Need a Mission
  • Intensity: the value of being intensely focused and how it impacts relationships
  • Feeling and Thinking; the Simian combines feeling and thinking
  • Outside Appearance as Calmness: the outer presentation vs. the inner truth
  • Student Path: The Black Box Syndrome – Miscommunication – Feeling Misunderstood
  • Giving and Receiving: the importance of understanding both sides of this experience
  • Gift Marking Purpose: expressing unconditional love
  • Archetypes of the Pure Heart: Donna Reed
  • Unconditional Love: what this is, stories and examples of how it works
  • Focused on Others: the design of this Gift Marking is to put others first
  • Prime Nurturer and Caretaker: your favorite energy is being a caretaker
  • Self-Nurturing vs. Giving Too Much and Burning Out
  • Interfering to Get Connection
  • Student Path: over-giving, burning out, not receiving
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