One Segment of Gift Markings is Public Requirements.

This category includes:

– Star of Jupiter
– Star of Apollo
– Star of Pluto
– Lines of Genius

Public Requirements means at some level you express your Gift Marking with other people, followers, or groups or in a public way that is more impersonal like being on stage or writing a book. Each of these four Gift Markings has a different requirement for how to express in the public.

$35, PDF download, 86 pages
Star of Jupiter
Star of Apollo
Star of Pluto
Lines of Genius
  • Gift Marking Purpose: The Super Achiever
  • The Mythology of Jupiter
  • Power: Jupiter’s Main Focus and Purpose
  • Expanding the Realm: Jupiter’s primary need is creating a realm, managing it and expanding it
  • Breaking Rules to Expand the Realm: permission to make things up
  • Leadership and Influence: Jupiter’s requirement
  • Burden of Leadership, Burden of Responsibility
  • Holding Back/Being Held Back with Your Power
  • An Array of Jupiter Stars or 8-Pointed Jupiter Stars: the leader of leaders
  • Royalty: Jupiter is the God of the Gods and is Royalty, how that applies to you
  • Jupiter Challenges of Power Plays/Power Struggle; how to recognize them and move to the master path
  • Student Path: Senator’s Wife Syndrome, putting somebody else in a position of power and diminishing yours
  • 9 Hand Print Examples
  • Many stories from movies and my personal experiences to “make it real”
  • Gift Marking Purpose: Fame & Fortune in the Arts, The Artist
  • What is “Artistic Expression”? How many ways can it manifest?
  • Apollo Mythology
  • What is “Core Expression” and why does it matter?
  • Receiving appreciation and applause is necessary for success
  • Creativity may require multiple expressions
  • Creativity=Constant Change; issues of boredom
  • Apollo the Archer: Apollo’s need to focus and practice to excel
  • The Favorite Son Syndrome: a significant requirement for Apollo’s success
  • Student Path: Tomato Fear (Rejection, Criticism, Humiliation & Ridicule)
  • 4 Hand Print examples
  • Many stories from movies and my personal experiences to “make it real”
  • Gift Marking Purpose: Translate/decode/interpret abstract concepts into an easy to understand language
  • Mythology of Mercury
  • Crossing Boundaries, Traveling “Between the Worlds” and how that applies to accessing information and insights to translate/decode/interpret
  • Mass Communications: a major requirement for the Lines of Genius to feel successful
  • Determining a mass communication theme or message
  • Student Path: going around in circles
  • 3 Hand Print Examples
  • Many stories from personal experiences, movies and other people’s stories to exemplify expressing this marking
  • Gift Marking Purpose: Radical Transformation; Bringing to Light What Has Been Hidden
  • Mythology of Pluto
  • Pluto’s Realm: the realms of the underworld, death and riches found ‘underground’
  • Why the Star of Pluto is considered a “Public Requirement” Gift Marking
  • Global Radical Transformation Examples: 2 major global shifts that brought to light what had been hidden plus some local events impacting world global transformation
  • Radical Transformation at the Personal Level: examples of how radical transformation happened through individuals vs. organizations
  • Destroying to Rebuild or Reconstruct; one of Pluto’s capacities and needs for soul satisfaction
  • Invisibility Leading to Visibility in a System: based on true life experiences 3 stories of large organizations where what was invisible to the public became visible and began radical transformation
  • Abuse/Neglect/Molestation/Incest: some of the darker sides of Pluto
  • Underground Wealth: what this is and some tangible examples
  • Student Path: staying stuck in the depth of the underworld, depressed, victimized, repressed, terrorized, fearful, unconscious and/or addicted
  • Many personal stories as well as movie examples to “make it real”
  • 7 Hand Print Examples or various markings in Pluto having the same impact as the Star of Pluto
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