New book on Intuitive Gift Markings is now available.

I’m so excited about this book. Full of stories, personal and from movies or people’s real live experiences, it makes the descriptions more tangible and real, more memorable. The additional 30 pages feels expansive because it provides additional insights and perspectives on these Gift Markings not previously shared, as listed above.

It’s in PDF download format so you will have it right away.

$35, 78 pages, 8-1/2 by 11

In 2005 I published the first version of the Complete Guide to Gift Markings. Having edited it 3 times subsequently, I’ve learned more about these hand markings. I wanted to keep that book to about 160 pages, which it is. The Intuitive Gift Markings Section is just under half that size so you can imagine much has been added.

Last summer I began editing them again. However, this time I expanded the conversation. When I read through what I had written, it’s very valuable content. What was missing is examples and stories. And in some cases, the mythology. Plus I wanted to add some hand print examples for the more complex Gift Markings like the Line of Clairvoyance, Star of Wisdom/The Seer and Medical Stigmata/Gifted Healer.

As I continued to edit, I realized that it could take a while to complete all 18 Gift Markings. So I’m publishing one section at a time for you.

The first section is on Intuitive Gift Markings. These include:

1. The Medical Stigmata/Gifted Healer

2. Lines of Clairvoyance

3. Star in the Moon

4. Star of Wisdom/The Seer Star

5. Star of Neptune
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What’s New

I’ve added so many stories and examples, including personal stories about me, revealing vulnerable details. The section on Intuitive Gift Markings is 30 pages more than in the latest version in The Complete Guide. See below for an example of what has been added.

1. The Line of Clairvoyance now includes

~7 hand print examples instead of 3 including double Lines

~Description of the Line of Flairvoyance with a story example

~Line of Clairvoyance in Pluto which I have never documented

~Many more stories to clarify the descriptions

2. Medical Stigmata/Gifted Healer

~ 4 hand print examples instead of 1

~ Mercury mythology which was never included

~ New sections on alchemy and crossing boundaries/traveling between worlds
including many stories and examples

~ A section on Healer to Healers (8 stripes) never shared before

3. Star of Wisdom/The Seer Star

~ Student path extensive description of “blindness” in multiple forms with

~ New section on trust

~ Many stories to clarify the points that weren’t previously included

~ Added hand print examples

4. Star of Neptune

~ Expanded mythology and stories related to the mythology

~ New section on permission to feel with multiple stories

~ Stories related to the Hospice Worker section and a more expanded
explanation of that perspective

~ Examples and stories on the student path

5. Introduction to Intuitive Gift Markings

~ Expanded section on intuition with stories

~ Expanded section on core identity with examples

~ Mythology of the Moon Goddess Diana/Artemis not previously included

~ New section on communication with animals
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