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Your Life Purpose & Life Lesson are Identified by Your Fingerprints

Based on research in medical journals and books, in the late 1970s Richard Unger discovered that the fingerprints fully form by 16 weeks after conception.

That means by 5 months before birth your fingerprints are in place, never to change.

Unlike everything else in the hands, the fingerprint are a Sacred Contract. Everything else in the hands can change – it’s not required that other markings change. They just can.

Your perspective through your fingerprints is already active in the womb. I’ve done many birth readings and can see exactly how actively you are already looking at life through the filter of your fingerprints.
Here are the four basic fingerprint patterns.
This sacred contract is also called your Soul Agreement or Soul Contract. They identify your Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Life School.

Other parts of the hands may change. For example, lines can change, the shape of your hand can change and damage can happen to your hand. The lines may not return or they may.

But if your fingerprints were burned, they would grow back.

You can’t hide from your fingerprints. You take them wherever you go.

Life Purpose

Your Life Purpose is identified by the highest ranking fingerprints, including what is in your palms. A trained Hand Analyst knows how to decode and interpret this for you.

Your Life Purpose is what you came here in this lifetime to express with ease. You have the skills to express it and truthfully it’s a matter of learning what expressing it means for you specifically.

It makes no sense to me that you would have this exquisite design on your body and not be expressing it in some way.
Maybe you are afraid of fully owning or stepping into the meaning of the fingerprints, or you need more language or details to understand what the meaning is. Possibly you are doing Life Purpose activity and not realizing it’s your Life Purpose because it’s so easy!

I keep learning new language about my fingerprints based on life experience or hearing somebody else’s story about how they express themselves, or don’t. It’s a journey.

Life Lesson

Your Life Lesson is identified by the lowest ranking fingerprints.

“Your Life Lesson is the way through.” When you are stuck paying attention to your Life Lesson is the path that will help you make shifts.

“Your Life Lesson is Your Life’s Purpose.” This means that being on the “master path” of your life lesson as much as possible is the “way through” when you feel challenged.

The master path of your Life Lesson is the key to success in your life. Understanding it from many perspectives can be helpful because you encounter it daily. Learning strategies from moving from the student path to the master path are very helpful when you recognize you are in it. Not being aware of it can be the source of many challenges in your life.

You will be in and out of the master path of your life lesson all day long. It’s not like you “conquer it” and that’s it. It’s a lesson you will be learning the rest of your life. Embracing that truth and appreciating it will be super helpful. See the stories below.

Life Purpose Story

A common Life Purpose is about creativity. The ring finger, called “Apollo” is all about expressing yourself creatively. On the right hand some other words for this finger when it’s marked as Life Purpose are
  • the artist
  • artistic expression
  • being visible
  • being in the spotlight
  • creative urge
  • individual creative expression
If this is your highest ranked fingerprint, or one of them, then you are called to express yourself in a creative way somehow in the public. “The public” can be a small group or a large group. It could gallery where your art is displayed, or a library or bookstore where you have a published book. You may not even know who experiences your creative expression.

Or you may know who does experience it. Maybe your are part of parent group for your children’s school and help with school events. Possibly you like the decorating part. Or you like to make birthday cakes in a very special way. Those would be creative expressions, for example.

I used to direct community choirs. In the 1990s, one summer we sang Disney songs. The mother of the one of the high school choir members helped all the high school participants (about 9 of them) get costumes together that were related to the “Lion King.” The kids were all singing “Hakuna Matata.” That would be an example of creative expression that is seen by the other choir members and about 100 audience members.

There is no limitation or what creative expression looks like. It’s way beyond the standard “arts,” for example, of acting, painting or writing. Limiting your understanding of “artistic expression” limits how you can express your Life Purpose.

Life Lesson Story

A common Life Lesson is the index finger on your right hand, called Jupiter. The right Jupiter finger is about leadership, influence and power. The “student path” experience is when it’s the life lesson. This means you may feel powerless, or you give your power away to others. You may diminish your power expression in order to be liked.

Joe works in a 500-person organization. As a manager in the marketing department, he is leader and has influence. However, on the “student path” he has a boss who is not super supportive of him because he makes Joe feel “stupid.” These interactions render Joe to feel powerless when he would otherwise feel pretty good about himself and his job. Fortunately his boss travels some so Joe has a bit of respite during those times.

On the “master path” Joe could realize that his boss is “picking on him” and that the anger that gets expressed isn’t about Joe at all. Joe could stand in his own sense of accomplishment and trust his own power. When his boss says things that don’t feel good to Joe, he could internally dismiss them and realize that they aren’t really about Joe. This would be a mature master path behavior and prevent Joe from feeling powerless.

There are many ways that Joe can handle this. The most important is to stand in his own trusting internal voice and know he is a powerful leader in his own right.
  • You can’t hide from your fingerprints.
  • You can’t hide from your soul contract.
  • You can’t hide from your soul agreement.
It’s right there on your finger tips and for many of you, also in your palm.

Please send an email to me if you are interested in discovering what your fingerprints have to tell you.

Here are additional fingerprint patterns that are combinations of the above four major patterns.

Additional Research

There is another perspective, also researched, that feels really important about why you can’t really hide from your fingerprints. A few years ago I read this from Shirley MacLaine’s book, Sage-ing While Age-ing.

“Dr. Michael Newton has hypnotically regressed over ten thousand patients and for some reason unbeknownst to him, they all go to the experience of life between lives in order to see how they prepared and chose the next life’s experience. I found that very interesting.

“It all began for Dr. Newton with one of his first patients, who was suffering from excruciating body pain in certain areas in his body. He put the patient into deep hypnosis (Newton is a hypnosis therapist) and asked him to go to the source of his pain. Suddenly, the patient said he was on a battlefield in World War I, being bayoneted.

“Newton, amazed and incredulous, asked many questions, including his name rank, serial number, date of birth, etc. The man was English. Newton later went to England to the British War Museum, The War Office, etc. and long story short, all the dates and events coincided with the patient’s recall. He was receiving referred pain from his last past life in his last physical body!

“Newton worked with him to release the memory of the pain, and when the patient woke, he was healed.
“According to the patients that Dr. Newton has regressed, they say each life builds on the next one like a spiral, the soul realizing and evaluating what it needs to face and perfect.

“From his research the souls say the decision to enter a new body comes after they see a fetus with at least four months of development in the womb, almost never before, because there is not enough developed brain tissue to interact and work with.“ The soul and the brain are two separate entities. The brain does “die” after death but the soul is immortal. Some souls, according to Newton and his patients don’t enter the body until after birth.

“Before entering a new mind and body, a soul peruses the DNA, the neurological map and the karmic pattern of the family it will be entering into. A soul is always given a choice as to what it wants to experience and learn next time around. It’s given a choice of bodies (male or female; many souls alternate so they can be more understanding of each.)”

I was jumping for joy when I read this because the same time to soul chooses a body to enter into is the same time the fingerprints are completely formed – 4 months after conception. Dr. Newton probably doesn’t know about fingerprints as a soul contract so his clients also aren’t sharing about why are they are choosing that body for the fingerprints. But the Soul knows. I am sure.

Fingerprints have the element of DNA so as the soul is perusing the DNA, the fingerprints are part of that in my estimation.

For me that means all fingerprints are important and none can be ignored. It’s soul agreement. The soul knows what it wants to experience. The body has put the map in place through the fingerprints (and many other things as well). You take this map with you wherever you go.

If you are fascinated by wanting to know more about your fingerprints, Your Life Purpose and Life Lesson, please send me an email:
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