Meet Pamelah

Working with Leaders

I work with leaders.

If you are a “gifted” leader, chances are you don’t identify as one. In fact, your difference probably generated a life where you felt misunderstood by your family and peers. You may identify as an outlier, outsider, maverick, innovator, or simply someone who never fit “inside the box,” questioning where you belong.

Over the last three decades, I’ve read over 50,000 hands. I’ve seen one consistent pattern with those who are highly talented… they usually don’t identify as gifted, or often deny their special giftedness when they first learn about it.

One of my areas of expertise is working with leaders. Specifically, highly gifted leaders who are at a crossroads and are asking for support to step up to the next level of their expression. I call them ‘Gifted Leaders,’ and their giftedness is signified by actual markings in the hands, found in only 7 percent of the population.

You may tend to hide out, hold back and deny your level of giftedness because you don’t feel seen (remember, only 7% of the population is highly gifted, so the vast majority, like 93%, simply isn’t capable of truly seeing you!). It’s not that people don’t want to support. They aren’t designed to know how.

Additionally, it’s highly likely that you don’t have mentors, role models or examples of how to express your multiple gifts. If that’s true, you rarely (if ever) have been in an environment that says, “Oh, yes, we want you to be outside-the-box and an innovator.” Being pushed against, not accepted, feeling unpopular as a leader is common. 

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Really.

My desire is for you to thrive in what excites you in your leadership roles. That means expressing yourself in the ways that make you feel soulfully satisfied. Guess what - that is going to require you to share your gifts and talents beyond the skills that are easy to use. Yes, there will be risks, as well as life altering rewards. 

About Pamelah Landers

As the #1 International Best-Selling author of Hand Analysis Products, I am a deeply knowledgeable and globally respected Hand Analyst. Having read over 50,000 hands over the past 30+ years, I am one of the top two hand analysts in the world. With years of experience, I have published two hard copy books including: Relationship Success for Singles and Your Love Design.

In addition, I have also published specialized
eBooks focused on Gift Markings plus developed a line of audio products that focus on Heart Lines and other Hand Markings. I’ve created easy to understand materials for those interested in diving deeper into their own unique hand markings or gifts.   

Her insights are very accurate, for both personal and business situations. Very skilled at determining next steps that are ready to be taken, Pamelah provides tangible insights, practical focus and easy to attain next step goals.”

- Mel Gill, Marketing Expert

An Aspect of My Giftedness

With many gift markings in my own hands, I’m highly skilled at identifying and languaging for you what your talents are and how they most want to be expressed through your unique design. Mostly like you will not be surprised by what you discover, because some part of you already knows about your giftedness. However, you may also be holding back, not having felt permission to unapologetically step into your fuller expression. I guide individuals through the process seamlessly as layer after layer is revealed. 

Through reading your design, I (help you) identify (discover) your specific gifts, explain what they mean, we co-create ways you are best designed to express them, (what you have to offer,) permission to embrace being gifted and feel completely aligned with your truth, your expression, your authentic way of being in this world.

What Led Me to Hand Analysis

In 1991 I was a solopreneur for 3 years, not succeeding very well, and bored with work life. I craved more interaction with other spiritually focused beings so attended a spiritual networking breakfast once a week.

It was there in January 1991 that Director of the International Institute of Hand Analysis, Richard Unger, was speaking one week about Hand Analysis. As Richard shared his knowledge, the words resonated and I knew I had to learn how to read hands. After the meeting, I approached Richard and said

“I have to learn how to read hands. I don’t know how I’m going to pay for it, but I need to learn.”

“Call me tomorrow,” Richard said as he handed me his card. 

That was the beginning of a lifelong friendship and a career in Hand Analysis. Two weeks after meeting him I began a year-long program where I learned the foundational information about hand markings, what they meant, how to do readings, etc. Then I spent 2 additional years in the grad classes. Now 30 years later, I’m still actively reading hands and publishing materials for clients and other hand analysts who want to learn more.

Teaching people how to read hands in addition to classes where participants are learning about their markings has been extremely fulfilling. I like how easy it is for people to feel seen, to settle into their bodies in a new way, to smile and feel permission to be true to their design.

As I became more of an expert, I learned that my calling was to document the hand analysis system into my own language. In 2000 I started writing books and documenting how to communicate specific lines or patterns in people’s hands. My communication style makes it very easy for people to understand themselves as I use many stories. As a result, people feel so much better about themselves after a reading or a class because I essentially give people permission to be themselves based on what I see in your hands.

Pamelah's reading provided insight and clarity that one could spend thousands of dollars in therapy and never achieve.”

- Tom J. M.D. Psychiatrist, La Quinta, CA

My Experience with Leadership

I discovered my leadership ability at a young age. Starting in seventh grade, at age 13, there were opportunities for leadership through church where I was invited to participate.  

As an adult I took on leadership roles at church again. I also spent over 12 years in Toastmasters International taking on more and more leadership responsibilities resulting in the Advanced Toastmasters Gold level. In addition to working in the corporate environment where I mentored employees, I founded and directed The HP (Hewlett-Packard) choir. Then later founded and directed the Fun Times Singers, a community choir plus 2 other community choirs, for over 17 years. Being a leader in the community is my calling and later I discovered this was also in my hands.

As a teacher for 3 decades in my Hand Analysis career, leadership comes easy. Providing education and mentorship for Hand Analysts to become teachers has been part of my passion.

I love supporting people who are designed as leaders, ready to step into their gifts, own and express them. I see people’s talents and have the language to make it real and provide permission for them to step up.

“Through my work with Pamelah, I have learned that I am a Gifted Leader and she has helped me to trust my many gifts and intuition.  It can be hard enough as a gay man to not feel out of place or weird…but when you are gifted this can be compounded.

“I have found Pamelah’s wisdom and guidance to be very helpful and insightful. She has many intuitive gifts which have helped me multiple times over the course of working with her. Because of her skills, she’s been invited to lead portions of retreats where she worked with groups of gifted gay leaders.

“Pamelah has always been open, understanding and has a breadth of knowledge and experience to make anyone feel comfortable and safe with her.”

- Drew Jacobsen, Operations