Meet Pamelah

Meet Pamelah

I work with leaders.

I work with leaders who are asking for support to step up to the next level of expression.

Especially leaders with gifts (I called them Gifted Leaders) who may also identify themselves as an outlier, outsider, maverick, outside-the-box, innovator: questioning where you belong, feeling misunderstood. There is more insight below about who Gifted Leaders are.

Over the last three decades, as I’ve read over 50,000 hands, I’ve seen one consistent pattern with people who are gifted. They tend to hide out, hold back and deny their level of giftedness. For many reasons.

The biggest reason is because they don’t feel seen. The second biggest reason is they don’t have mentors, role models or examples of how to express their multiple gifts. Nor an environment that says, “Oh, yes, we want you to be outside-the-box and an innovator.”

As a Gifted Leader you have very unique gifts to share with the world, and may hold back because you feel unseen in the truth of who you are. Being pushed against, not accepted, feeling unpopular as a leader is common.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

I take a stand especially for gay leaders who are gifted.

“I've worked with Pamelah intensively and she is the guide I continue to turn to when I know something new is emerging in my life or business and I need to make sense of where I'm at and the direction I'm meant to head. She helps me understand how to navigate my path forward, taking more and more ownership of my gifts and design along the way. Pamelah’s insights about applying my gifts in the leadership realm are so right on”

-Jeffrey Van Dyk, CEO, The Courageous Messenger

My desire is for you to thrive in what turns you on as a leader. That means expressing yourself in the ways that make you feel soulfully satisfied. Guess what - that is going to require you to share your gifts and talents beyond the skills that are easy to use. Yes, there will be risks. Just sayin’!

I am highly skilled at identifying and languaging for you what your talents are and how they most want to be expressed through your unique design. You won’t be surprised because you already know this about yourself. However, you may not have felt permission to step up into a fuller expression. If you are asking, ready to spring loose from a limited container or beliefs, I can support you with tangible next steps and a big vision.

Here’s what Drew has to say:

“Through my work with Pamelah, I have learned that I am a Gifted Leader and she has helped me to trust my many gifts and intuition. It can be hard enough as a gay man to not feel out of place or weird…but when you are gifted this can be compounded.
“I have found Pamelah’s wisdom and guidance to be very helpful and insightful. She has many intuitive gifts which have helped me multiple times over the course of working with her. Because of her skills, she’s been invited to lead portions of retreats where she worked with groups of gifted gay leaders.
“Pamelah has always been open, understanding and has a breadth of knowledge and experience to make anyone feel comfortable and safe with her.”

-Drew Jacobsen, CEO, Everyday-Gay Academy

Through your design, you learn about your gifts, what you have to offer, permission to offer it and feel so completely aligned with your truth, your expression.

"There are two great days in a person’s life: the day we are born and the day we discover why.""

-William Barclay.

Gifted Leaders

Working with gifted leaders, here are the things I’ve learned about who you are and what you are seeking in terms of support, that I can provide.

As a leader you might be expressing through business and/or volunteerism. You may either be an entrepreneur or in the corporate world as a leader.

The following things may be true about you – all or some.

  • There is a possibility that you feel like a maverick or misfit in your gift expression and feel ‘on the edge’
  • You may feel unseen in your gifts and thus feel lonely, isolated, frustrated, maybe even angry
  • You desire to make shifts and lead the way for a new model of leadership
  • You are asking for more places to display your wisdom, insights, leadership skills that are a closer match for who you are ― people who are asking for your wisdom
  • You are aware that next levels of discernment are being asked of who you serve and in what ways
  • You are asking for support yet may not know how that looks exactly, to step into something expanded, new, risky, vulnerable
  • You are asking for support to delve more deeply into your gifts as a leader
  • You are a master in your field in some way
  • There is a very good chance you are an empath
  • You are highly gifted and highly intuitive or connect strongly with your instincts, gut responses
  • You can be trusted in your relationship with your power
  • You are asking questions or are in situations where you desiring a different relationship with your power

As a highly gifted intuitive business mentor, I use the science of hand analysis, intuition and relationship expertise to support you. I see who you are. I support you to own your design and live from that.

About Pamelah

As the #1 International Best-Selling author of Hand Analysis Products, Pamelah is deeply knowledgeable about Hand Analysis markings. Having read over 50,000 hands over the past 30 years, she is one of the top two hand analysts in the world.

“Pamelah's reading provided insight and clarity that one could spend thousands of dollars in therapy and never achieve.”

-Tom J. M.D. Psychiatrist, La Quinta, CA

Her intuitive skills have been developed over the years, with support from mentors.

“The insights are very accurate, for both personal and business situations. Very skilled at determining next steps that are ready to be taken, Pamelah provides tangible insights, practical focus and easy to attain next step goals.”

(accumulated from multiple testimonials)

What led me to Hand Analysis and Why I Stayed

In 1991 I had been a solopreneur for 3 years, not succeeding very well, and bored with my work life. I also craved more interaction with other spiritually focused beings so I attended a spiritual networking breakfast once a week.

It was there in January 1991 that Director of the International Institute of Hand Analysis, Richard Unger, was speaking one week about Hand Analysis. I had heard about Richard from two people: Todd, who attended the breakfasts regularly, and a former student of Richard’s, Elizabeth. She had read my hands 3 years earlier. It didn’t really resonate.

However, by now I was feeling restless and asking the Universe for direction and career clarity. As Richard was speaking, I knew I had to learn how to read hands. After the meeting, approaching him I told him just that, “I have to learn how to read hands. I don’t know how I’m going to pay for it, but I need to learn.”

“Call me tomorrow,” Richard said as he handed me his card.

I did and within two weeks I was hosting 5 other students (one was Todd, who gathered the students) and Richard in my San Jose expansive living room for the first class, the Intensive, on Hand Analysis. The first night I knew I would stay with it through a year-long program where we would learn the foundational information about hand markings, what they meant, how to do readings, etc. I did. And for 2 additional years in the grad classes. That was February 9, 1991. Now 30 years later, I’m still actively reading hands, have written multiple books on Hand Analysis and produced many more audios than books.

Teaching people how to read hands in addition to classes where participants are learning about their markings has been very fulfilling. And I like how easy it is for people to feel seen, to settle into their bodies in a new way, to smile and feel permission to be true to their design.

“I’ve done a lot of personal growth work. In your class I heard things I’ve never heard before. Very helpful."

-Stan M., Business Owner, Palm Desert, CA

I stayed with Hand Analysis, although I tried to quit – twice – because I felt called. I later learned that my calling is to document this system in my language. People feel so much better about themselves after a reading or a class. My communication style makes it very easy for people to understand themselves.

“The information from you is the best and most accurate sense of myself that I have gotten (from another). I wish I had had some of this earlier in my life.”

-Jenny, Santa Cruz, CA

Pamelah’s Experience with Leadership

Since seventh grade I have experienced a wide variety of leadership roles. It began at the church I was attending all the way through high school. This forum offered multiple styles of exploration.

As an adult I took on leadership in church again experiencing more innovation and making stuff up, creating from the ground up in leadership roles. In other volunteer roles I stepped up right away like in Toastmasters International for 12 years over a 20-year period. I founded my own community choir and directed that plus 3 other choirs for 17.5 years over a 30-year period.

In the corporate world for I provided leadership for seven years.

In most of these roles I mentored other people in their leadership skills or we co-created.

As a teacher for 3 decades in my Hand Analysis career, leadership comes easy. Providing education and mentorship for Hand Analysts to become teachers has been part of my role.

Leadership is easy and natural for me and I love supporting people who are also designed as leaders to step into their gifts, own and express them. I see people’s talents. I have language to make it real and provide permission for them to step up.