Intuitive and Practical Business Mentoring

 Intuitive Practical and Business Mentoring

with Luanne Mareen in Melborne, Australia – Hand Analysis and business coaching

With Luanne Mareen in Melborne, Australia – Hand Analysis and business coaching

It's so much easier to work, whether in your own company or inside somebody else's if you know your design and have insights behind that - where you are seen for who you are.

My intuitive skill set supports you in what is in alignment for you. I see the actual next steps to help you achieve your vision, and intuitively guide you to what is the easiest next set of solutions. Plus, I receive instinctive/intuitive hits to support you in all areas of your life that impact how you focus your business life. 

Also, as an Expert Master Hand Analyst, using the design of your hands, we explore, but not limited to, the following options (see the Hand Analysis page for more details on what Hand Analysis is - click here):

  1. What your Life Purpose is and how that aligns with what is in your highest and easiest design for expression through your business
  2. How you like to communicate with clients, staff, vendors (e.g. written, verbally, to the point, extended discussions, etc.)
  3. Who your best and most aligned clients are or people who work best with/for you based on your hands’ design (what values you hold most highly with co-creative relationships).
  4. Your management style (for example, micro manager, organized, visionary, detailed, not detailed, designed for marketing, designed for operations, etc.)
  5. How you approach tasks and what you need for success in project beginning and completion. For example, great at starting and challenged to finish, over the top 'stay with it until it's done', short term or long term focus for the overall project.
  6. What is your best design for delivery of a product, whether it's a service or physical product. Where you excel, where delegation would serve you, your approach to delivery.
  7.  Marketing and sales: what is your style as an entrepreneur or part of a company. You have 'customers' either externally or internally.What is your design about who you work best with, and how you are designed for communicating with them.
  8. Your problem-solving skill set - your approach to taking an issue and solving it - do you need a team? Do it alone? Prefer to talk it through? Prefer to choose yourself and implement?

I've worked as an entrepreneur, solopreneur, contractor for corporations and small businesses, and many years in the corporate world. I understand what is required to provide a service or product, both of which I do in my business. 

To set up time to talk about your desire for business mentoring, please email me:

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“I've worked with Pamelah intensively and she is the guide I continue to turn to when I know something new is emerging in my life or business and I need to make sense of where I'm at and the direction I'm meant to head.
“She helps me understand how to navigate my path forward, taking more and more ownership of my gifts and design along the way. She's been so instrumental in my journey and business that I've even hired her to support my year-long mentoring clients, where I've seen her gifts multiply many times over.”

Jeffrey Van Dyk, CEO, Courageous Messenger