Private Hand Analysis

Private Hand Analysis

One of the great gifts of Hand Analysis is that it provides tangible insight about your design. Your hands contain your soul map.

Your design is very tangibly laid out in your hands.

Some people say that your left hand is what you are born with and your right hand is what you become. That makes no sense to me.

Lines can change. They don't have to but they can. So if you were born one way, for example, with your left hand, what happens if the lines change? See, it makes no sense.

Each line means something specific. The length of the line matters. The curve or straightness means something. If a line intersects another line there is a conversation about that.

Hand Analysis is complex, as are all systems of value. A really good Hand Analyst can decode and translate the meanings for you in an easy to understand language. I am that - an Expert Hand Analyst having read over 50,000 hands over the last 30 years. 

Your fingerprints, which are formed 16 weeks after conception, never change. They identify your Soul Agreements/Soul Contracts.

The shape of your palm and fingers also can be interpreted and shared with you. 

Please contact me at to set up time to talk about what's involved in sessions for you. It's not the same for everybody so a package is designed for you personally.

Your whole life is in your hands so one session really isn't enough.  Under the "Hand Analysis" tab there is a lot more information about different aspects of hands that can be covered in these sessions.

“Pamelah's reading provided insight and clarity that one could spend thousands of dollars in therapy and never achieve.”

- Tom J. M.D., Psychiatrist, Rancho Mirage, CA

“What I learned about myself in three sessions with Pamelah has changed my life. What an incredible gift, Pamelah!! I feel lighter somehow.”

- Nancy Nanney, Jacksonville, TN, Retired Chief Financial Officer