Your Gift Markings

Your Gift Markings

Gift Markings are line formations in the palms and fingers. They identify Extra Potential Talent. Lines can change, unlike fingerprints. Thus, you may not have a Gift Marking at birth. Or they may disappear (for a variety of reasons) over time.

Approximately 10-15% of the general population has one Gift Marking which means 85% of the population does not have any of these line formations. If you don’t have any Gift Markings that doesn’t mean you are not gifted. It does mean you aren’t under the pressure people with Gift Markings have to express them.

See the chart of location for each Gift Marking below.

  • There are 18 distinct Gift Markings that can appear in a person’s hands.
  • Approximately 10-15% of the general population has some type of Gift Marking.
  • Each individual Gift Marking may appear on as little as 1-2% of the population.
  • Multiples of an individual Gift Marking on your hands may put you in 1% or less of the population.
  • Each Gift Marking is to be considered a central focus of your life in addition to the fingerprints identifying your Life Purpose, your DNA marking your soul agreement.
  • In some cases, a Gift Marking may be even more prominent than fingerprints and require more attention. That’s how important a Gift Marking can be.

Gift Markings, although the title sounds exciting, can create a lot of pressure in your life. The more you have, the fewer people on the planet have that many. So fewer people are designed to see you as you are. It’s not that they don’t want to. They aren’t designed for it. So you don’t have to take it personally.

Seeking mentoring from somebody who is as gifted as you or more is very important if you have multiple Gift Markings. Not just anybody can mentor you. I know. I have 13 out of 18 of these. And because I have written books (the only in-depth resource for Gift Markings are my books listed below) I am intimately familiar with each one. I am a trusted mentor for sure in this area.

Having 3 or more I called “highly gifted.” It’s not an easy life yet can be with support, information, and knowledge about your gifts. It’s a journey. One that does best with support. Contact me a for more information on how to be supported being Highly Gifted.

There are four categories of Gift Markings:

  1. Head and Heart Lines
  2. Public Requirements Gift Markings
  3. Intuitive Gift Markings
  4. Personal Gift Markings

There are also four books, discussing in great detail the Gift Markings from each category. You can find the books here:

Gift Markings Books


Each of these books contains detailed descriptions of the Gift Markings. There are multiple hand print examples for every one so you can identify them on your hands because they don’t all look the same. Plus, the mythology for each Gift Marking is included, which helps understand in more depth the background and thus behaviors and characteristics of the Gift Markings.

Parts of the hands are named after mythology figures (Roman and Greek names provided below)

  • Jupiter/Zeus
  • Saturn/Cronus
  • Apollo
  • Mercury/Hermes
  • Mars/Ares
  • Venus/Aphrodite
  • Pluto/Hades
  • Neptune/Poseidon
  • Moon (Diana the Moon Goddess)
  • Gift Markings reside in all these areas plus on the thumb.

I have Gift Markings in all 4 categories. Because Pamelah's insights and understanding about Gift Markings is so in-depth, I was willing to invest in all four PDF books. What I've learned about myself from having these unique gifts identified is why I operate the way I do and what I am designed for in life. I feel so much permission to be gifted in ways that I tended to hold back before.

It has helped me understand why some things aren’t exciting or stimulating for me, and why other things feel much more motivating and inspiring. I feel free to choose with more ease now because I ‘get’ my design.

Having the books as a reference is wonderful because there are times when I reread them so I can deepen my understanding of myself.”

-Drew Jacobsen, CEO, Everyday-Gay