Your Heart Lines

Your Heart Lines

Your hands have a line commonly referred to as a “love line.” In Hand Analysis the technical term is “heart line.”

  • Love Lines/Heart Lines come in four styles:
  • Big Heart
  • Hermit
  • Passionate
  • Romantic Idealist
Heart Line Archetype Examples Each heart line has a unique set of requirements for love and feeling expression. That means, for example, if you have a Hermit and are in relationship with somebody who has a Big Heart, your emotional expressions and how you express love/receive love are actually completely opposite!

You can see by looking at the above graphic that Hermit heart lines are short and straight which is exactly opposite of the Big Heart which is long and curvy! Complete opposites!

Honoring your partner, children, co-workers, clients, friends and family members style of communicating by design could truly open up the communication pathways.

Your Love Lines/Heart Lines identify:

  1. Your specific styles of expressing love
  2. Your specific preferences of how you would like love expressed to you
  3. Your specific style of communicating your feelings
  4. Preferences for how you want feelings expressed to you


You may have a different heart line type on your left hand than on your right hand. This is fairly common. That means you have two different styles of expressing love/sharing feelings.

In some rare cases, you could have 3 out of the 4 heart line types on one hand.


Your Love Design: A Practical Guide to Your Love and Communication Style based on Your Hands’ Heart Lines

  • There is no other published book in the Hand Analysis world that identifies this much detail about how you are designed to express love and want love expressed to you. 
  • This book on the heart lines/love lines serves as the most in-depth reference book on how you express feelings based on the design in your hands.
  • I am the world's leading authority on Heart Lines in the Hands.

Book Features:

  • Multiple hand print examples for each love line type that show what they look like – so you can identify yours and others in your life
  •  For each heart line type there are 15 to 18 characteristics shared in detail, each section including one or more stories to make it easy to understand
  •  A summary Master List of behaviors for each heart line type
  • Lists of movie and TV shows that indicate who plays the archetype of each love line type (TV shows & movies often have archetypes of behaviors for a character)
  • Conversation about the differences between the masculine and feminine brains/behaviors based on heart line types
  • 204 pages in softcover format
  • A section on The Simian Crease, which is a Gift Marking that includes the heart line

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How this book could impact your life

I see this especially with Hermits and Big Hearts. Often. Hermits like a lot of space. Big Hearts like to be connected with others often.

If you really knew what your heart line design(s) are and you were "true to your design,” it would help you so much with communication in your relationships. It could create more ease in your communication and love expression. If you have a Romantic Idealist heart line, you need time and patience to articulate how you feel. You need space. Passionates don’t need that so they may be impatient with you and thus you feel like you aren’t heard. However, if you knew your heart line type is a Romantic Idealist, space could be created for your process.

You could be so much happier if you actually knew how you are designed to communicate feelings and not try to adapt yourself to other people's styles, having permission to be your own style. Big Hearts are curvy so they need to express how they feel. So do Passionates. The other two heart line types, Hermit and Romantic Idealist, are cautious about sharing their feelings.

If you had permission and could relax into your own style of expressing love and sharing feelings, it would change the dynamic of relationships where you are struggling to be true to yourself. There would be more authentic communication happening. Really. Your Big Heart, can be very good at listening also needs time to share feelings. Creating space for that is necessary.

I know that understanding your heart lines makes a huge difference in authentic relationship communication - I've been witnessing it for over 30 years.

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Relationship Success for Singles: Life Partner or Life Problems?

Communication is truly the bottom line of success or non-success in relationships, right?

There is a unique line in both of your hands that specifically and tangibly identifies your communication and love style. It's called your love line. In Hand Analysis the official name is "heart line."

Love Lines/Heart Lines come in four styles:

  • Big Heart
  • Hermit
  • Passionate
  • Romantic Idealist

Everybody has these lines. Since there are four love line types, not everybody has the same style of line. That has a big impact on how you communicate feelings and how you desire love to be shown to you. Yikes!

In this soft cover book, there are hand print examples that show the four love line/heart line types so you can identify your style. You may have a different style on your left hand than you do on your right. It's pretty common.

Choosing a partner to date or get deeply involved with could be done with a lot more clarity and consciousness if you could identify each of your heart/love line styles. Then know what they mean.

It would change very significantly how you choose a partner. It could make the difference between success and failure in relationship.

Are you ready to take the guessing game out of attracting a mate?

Book Cover: Relationship Success for Singles by Pamelah Landers

Book Features:

  • A matrix of each heart line type’s needs, style, likes, hates and much more
  • Strategy for dating success for each heart line type
  • Stories for first dates for each of the heart line types
  • Sexual elements with each heart line type
  • Hand print examples for each of the four heart line types
  • Hand print example for the Simian Crease that includes the heart line
  • List of characteristics for each of the love line/heart line types How people with different love line types experience compatibility (e.g. one person has Big Hearts and the other person has Hermit Heart Lines)
  • How people with the same love line types experience compatibility
  • 84 pages, softback cover

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