Hand Analysis sessions can be done remotely using Zoom webinar technology. Digital photos of your palms and fingertips provide what is needed to make this session possible. The webinar is recorded in both audio and video format.

During a Hand Analysis we discuss what your hands identify as your most soul agreements. Your entire life is in your hands so I look at the pattern that emerges as your personal approach to life.

Corporate Environment

If you work in a corporate environment and are looking insight about what best uses your skills and talents, your hands have that information. How you want to be manage, how you manage, how you manage others, what type of project focus is best for you, what type of work enviroment is most satisfying for you. I worked in the corporate world for 20 years and get what´s involved.


Your hands can identify if you are an entrepreneur who your market is, where you are skilled at running your business, where you need support and what type of marketing style best suits you.

Personal Relationships

For personal relationships your hands identify your communication styles, how you are the best designed for being a parent if you are one or want to be one. What matters, to you about time alone vs. time with others, affection with others (or not), your approach to resolving challenges, what makes you happiest in your personal and work relationships.

I will need digital photos of your hands or hand prints. Please email them to me at Pamelah@PamelahLanders.com

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Private Mentoring

Private mentoring is available. Please email me at Pamelah@PamelahLanders.com to set up time to discuss what you want and how I can be of service.
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