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Head & Heart Lines Gift Markings

PDF download. 81 pages, 8 ½” x 11”.

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  1. Persephone head line
  2. Hal 9000 head line /Octopus brain/Gifted Problem Solver
  3. Simian Crease (combines head and heart line)
  4. Pure Heart (heart line)

Head and Heart Lines is a category that is about feeling (heart lines – Pure Heart) and thinking (head lines – Hal 9000 and Persephone), the two major horizontal lines in the hands. Plus, the Simian crease that combines the head and heart lines into one line.


Persephone Head Line includes
  • Gift Marking Purpose – Guide for Lost Souls
  • Mythology of Persephone
  • Accessing deep inner wisdom
  • Sharing deep inner wisdom
  • Resisting wisdom, not trusting it
  • Student Path – depression, lethargy
  • Men with Persephone head lines
  • Maiden Daughter
  • Queen of the Underworld
  • Maiden’s relationship with commitments
  • Persephone as an “independent head line”
  • Persephone head line ending in the Neptune Zone


Hal 9000/Octopus Brain/Gifted Problem Solver includes:

  • Purpose of this Gift Marking – Solving Big, Complex, Complicated Problems
  • Mentally focused – multiple stories of ways this shows up
  • The multiple names of this line and their reasons
  • Analytical, logical focus
  • Attention to detail
  • Big Relational Database in the mind
  • Intuition’s role
  • Hal 9000 ending in the Pluto Zone – problems to solve focused on radical transformation
  • The need for involving others in the problem-solving process
  • Job interviewing tips
  • The Oracle, resource person
  • Independent head line with a Hal 9000
  • Student Path/challenges


Pure Heart - Heart Line includes:

  • Gift Marking purpose – unconditional love
  • Archetypes of the Pure Heart – examples and stories
  • Unconditional Love stories
  • Focused on other’s feelings first
  • Prime nurturer, caretaker
  • Self-nurturing vs. giving too much leading to burnout
  • Interfering to get connection
  • Receiving challenged – student path
  • Student Path


Simian Crease includes:

  • Gift Marking Purpose: strong communicator, intensely focused (the head and heart lines are combined into one line)
  • Extremes: accepting your extreme focus and applying it
  • You need a mission
  • Intensity: the value of being intensely focused and how it impacts relationships
  • Stamina
  • Feeling and thinking - the Simian combines feeling and thinking
  • Outside appearance as calmness: the outer presentation vs. the inner truth
  • Student Path: The Black Box Syndrome – miscommunication – feeling misunderstood
  • Giving and Receiving: importance of understanding both sides of this experience
Head & Heart Lines Gift Markings