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Intuitive Gift Markings

PDF download. 78 pages, 8 ½” x 11".

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  1. Line of Clairvoyance
  2. Medical Stigmata/Gifted Healer
  3. Star of Wisdom/Seer Star
  4. Star of Neptune
  5. Star in the Moon

The 5 Intuitive Gift Markings identify different styles of access and expression of intuitive/instinctive gifts. Each one has unique properties and use, Full of stories ― personal, from movies/TV shows and people’s real-life experiences ― it’s easy to understand the meanings of each characteristic per Gift Marking.  

1.The Line of Clairvoyance includes:

If you have a fingerprint of any type in the Moon Zone, this Gift Marking discusses the same requirements, master and student path.
~ 8 hand print examples including multiple Lines of Clairvoyance on one hand, Line of ~ Flairvoyance, Line of Clairvoyance in Pluto and examples of fingerprints in the Moon with a Line of Clairvoyance.
~ Description of the Line of Flairvoyance with a story example.
~ Line of Clairvoyance in Pluto which is not documented anywhere else.

~ Purpose of the Line of Clairvoyance

~ Student Path/challenges for this Gift Marking

~ Pluto Line of Clairvoyance and how to express it

2. Medical Stigmata/Gifted Healer includes:
~ Purpose of this Gift Marking

~ Challenges for this Gift Marking

~ 4 hand print examples show different quantities of ‘stripes’

~ Mercury Mythology which explains so much

~ Sections on alchemy and crossing boundaries/traveling between world including   many stores and examples

~ The importance of Trust

~ A section on Healer to Healers (8 stripes)

3. Star of Wisdom/The Seer Star/Visionary includes:
~ Stories of what seeing visions are, many ways they show up   

~ Purpose of the Gift Marking

~ Challenges with the Gift Marking/Student Path
~ Student path extensive description of “blindness” in multiple forms with stories

4. Star of Neptune includes:
~ Expanded mythology and stories of Neptune the God of the Sea
~ Permission to feel with multiple stories
~ Stories related to the “Hospice Worker” (nickname for this Gift)  
~ Examples and stories on the student path

~ Purpose of this Gift

~ Challenges of this Gift/Student Path

5. Introduction to Intuitive Gift Markings
~ What is intuition, some options about how it shows up

~ Conversation about core identity which resides in the moon, with examples
~ Mythology of the Moon Goddess Diana/Artemis not previously included

~ Knowing when to share your insights

~ Communication with animals

~ Boundaries

Intuitive Gift Markings