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Owning Your Intuition

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One of the most common questions I hear regularly is, “How do I know what is my intuition and what is not?” There actually are some tangible ways to recognize the difference between what is your mind vs. intuition.

Other words for intuition include gut feelings, instincts, downloads, insights, knowings, hunches or visions. Some people refer to receiving insights as coming from Angels or God, the Angelic Realm, the Universe, All That Is, “ethers” or other dimensions of consciousness. To be successful with this realm of consciousness, it is easier to know how you receive insights and thus what to trust

In this audio, four common intuitive styles are described including examples of how each of them works with descriptions and stories:

  • Listening to Guidance
  • Seeing as a Way to Receive Guidance
  • Feeling in Your Body – Physical Sensations
  • Knowing Intuitively in Your Body

Plus, there is a segment on when and how to share intuitive insights.

This audio is perfect if you prefer learning in an auditory style – 56 minutes.

This audio is for you if:

  1. You are new to learning about your relationship with your intuition
  2. Have started the journey and are looking for more detailed insights about intuitive styles
  3. Have some experience with it and are asking for expansion in this arena.
Owning Your Intuition