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Private Life Purpose Hand Analysis Introduction

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Join me for a private one-hour session or 3-session bundle.

Your life purpose is identified in your fingerprints. Five months before you are born, your Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Life School, determined by your unique fingerprint patterns, are in place, never to change in your lifetime.

In our session(s) we will uncover what is in your hands which could include the following:

  • Life Purpose – Why you are here, your foundational soul contract
  • Life Lesson – The path to your Life Purpose expression
  • Life School – Your overarching perspective and approach to life
  • Heart Lines – How you express love/feelings and how you like to be loved

This is a lot to unpack in one hour which is why some people prefer to sign up for a bundle up front so we have time to discuss additional hand markings:

~ Gift Markings focused on extra potential talent/giftedness

~ Unusual line formations that boost other markings

~ Hand shape that identifies how you approach situations

~ Major lines (head line, fate/destiny line, heart line/love line etc.)

Your whole life is in your hands and I can’t cover your entire life in an hour!

Private Life Purpose Hand Analysis Introduction