The School of Love is based on having 6 or more loops for fingerprints.

Here is an example of what a loop looks like:

Drag a button, link, or anything else into the icon box to place it below the text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet elit.

In this audio you will learn what matters most to people in the School of Love: connection, intimacy and relationships.

You’ll also discover:

  1. What having a Life Purpose in the School of Love means (master path)
  2. The importance of Self-Love
  3. The importance of both listening and sharing
  4. The challenges to being in this school (student path) & recommendations to move to the master pathWhat having a Life Purpose in the School of Love means (master path)
  5. My personal story about having multiple loops
  6. The importance of emotional safety and how to access it within you
  7. What it means when you have 10 loops (all fingers have loops)
  8. What’s important in a work environment
  9. Recommendations on career choices

The School of Love is the most common School  of the four options (Service, Peace & Wisdom are the other 3).

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