With 4 or more whorls you qualify for the School of Service in the world of Hand Analysis.

Here is an example of the fingerprint pattern:

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What matters most is being of service, especially service through communication.

What you’ll learn about being in the school of service:

  1. The ‘call’ to be in service
  2. Challenges related to sacrificing yourself for service
  3. The difference between selfless and selfish service
  4. Why learning matters so much to you
  5. What Burdensome Obligation is and what to do with it
  6. The Pendulum Swing syndrome for people with 9 or 10 whorls
  7. What it means when all 10 fingerprints on your fingers are whorls
  8. Your attraction to learning and sharing

The School of Service, is the 2nd most popular School that appears on people’s hands.

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