• Pamelah is my “go to guru” for relationship support. Whenever I am stuck or confused, I call her to get her insights. She completely sees who I am. Her insights are always right on. Not attached to whatever choices I make, she holds amazing, deep, profound space for me to feel the hard to feel feelings.

    Baeth Davis

    Intuitive Business Catalyst
  • I had my hand analyzed by Pamelah Landers, Master Hand Analyst. Pamelah specializes in helping you find your life’s purpose. I had three terrific sessions with Pamelah. Now I have answers and solutions to questions about what I need to do next, to reach my goals, and what I was doing that was getting in my way.

    Jennifer Duchene

    Northern California
  • You have so much knowledge about the hand stuff and what that means, and you are so good at talking about it in a way that makes it really clear. But more important is who you are and how you share your gifts. You are so open and honest and vulnerable about who you are, and so generous with using your own experiences and wisdom to help others. So thank you for being you and being part of my life.

    Christine Kidder

  • “The guidance I receive from Pamelah in private mentoring is so brilliant and right on. She totally gets me and supports my journey each step of the way. Sometimes I “ramble” to hear myself share what’s going on. Patiently listening until I feel complete, she then picks up the one or two threads or points that are essential to what is going on for me and illuminates the hidden dilemma.

    Dawn Nocera

    Master of Activation Codes and Self-Appreciation
  • “Your insights on behavior and human psychology are

    Nick Dienel

    M.D, Cardiologist, Oregon
  • “Your story telling and style of writing makes much more sense of the database than any other way I have experienced learning it. Thank you so much for contributing to my learning weather it be for me or for what I give to others.”

    Jeanette McNelis

    Chico, CA
  • “The information and insights from you is the best and most accurate sense of myself that I have gotten from another. I wish I had had some of this earlier in my life.


    Santa Cruz
  • I was having a REALLY rough time yesterday so I got out the notes from my hand reading session with you. It helped me so much!!!! I was able to get back to myself with the reminders of my mission, and where my thoughts were taking me down the student path instead of the master path.

    So – I just wanted to express my gratitude for your work and the way you impact people’s lives. It really did save my life yesterday and got me back on track.

    Diane Ragsdale

  • My one-on- one coaching and mentoring with Pamelah is such a blessing. I have never worked with anyone who’s had such a clear understanding of who I am, including my gifts and challenges. She constantly reminds me of how important self-love really is and how to apply that day-to- day, moment-to- moment. I have learned the value of owning, expressing, and deeply feeling every emotion I have and how this not only serves me, but others in my life as well. Pamelah’s insights have helped me to see various pieces of my relationships from a different perspective to assist with healing and acceptance. Pamelah is such a loving soul and just amazing to work with! Love you

    Wendy Battle

    North Carolina
  • Pamelah Landers wonderful work. And thank you for so clearly communicating. What I love about you is your ability to speak with such clarity and that you truly are always modeling your teachings, you are approachable and giving. Loving and trusting. Kind and powerful. As my husband would say, “One of the best things I ever did for him was introduce him to you!” You saw him like only his family does and provided very clear tools for him to understand himself. He says you are brilliant!!

    Stephanie Beeby

    Kailua-Kona, HI
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