Your Love Design

A Practical Guide to Your Love and Communication Style Based on Your Hands' Heart Lines
I am an expert in Heart Lines in the hands. I created this book for YOU because I want you to experience more clear communication in your relationships. 

In the hands there are four love lines, also called heart lines in Hand Analysis terminology, which is the subject of my book. See below for ordering details.

Each heart line has different approach, so each love line doesn't want the same thing as the other love lines types all the time. Sometimes they do.

An entire book is devoted to this one line in the hands because your love lines are the emotional expression line, your style of sharing your emotional nature.

Your Heart Lines identify:

  1. How you express love
  2. How you want love expressed to you
  3. How you communicate your feelings
  4. Preferences for how you want feelings expressed to you

The FOUR HEART LINE types are:

  • The Passionate
  • The Big Heart
  • The Hermit
  • The Romantic Idealist
For the past 30 years people have told me, "I wish I had known this about my partner and me before I started dating, before I got married, and before I got divorced." 

In classes, private readings and at psychic fairs, I've heard this again and again, "I wish I had known." You don't need to wait until you in some challenging communication process or relationship dynamic. You can find out now how understanding this one line in your hands creates so much more clarity about each other's love design.

Book Features:

Multiple hand print examples for each love line type
Includes a section on The Simian Crease, which is a Gift Marking that includes the heart line
For each heart line type there are 15 to 18 characteristics shared in detail, each section including one or more stories that exemplify that characteristic
Lists of behaviors for the Master Path and Student Path of each heart line type
Lists of movie and TV shows if you like learning about behaviors in this way
Some conversation about the differences between the masculine and feminine brains/behaviors based on heart line types
204 pages in softcover format
Examples of the "opposite" heart line type interacts with the heart line being shared
The contents of this book on love lines could prevent divorce for some people.

If people really knew what their heart line designs were and they were "true to their design" that it would help them so much with communication in their relationships. It could create more ease in their communication and love expression.

People could be so much happier if they actually knew how they were intended to communicate their feelings and not try to adapt themselves to other people's styles, having permission to be their own style.

If people could relax into their own style of expressing love and sharing feelings that it would change the dynamic of relationships where people are struggling to be true to themselves. There would be more authentic communication happening.

I know that understanding your heart lines makes a huge difference in authentic relationship communication - I've been witnessing it for 29 years.
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