Pamelah Landers

Do any of these describe you?

  1. Are you in a sexless relationship or one with unsatisfying sexual interaction?
  2. Do you feel unheard or not listened to at home or in your work environment?
  3. Are you insightful, maybe intuitive, and people in your home or work life don’t trust your insights?

If you are ready to do what it takes to make some shifts so you are heard, you are seen, and you have permission to share your insights, I can help.

Using Scientific Hand Analysis, my intuition and well-earned insightful wisdom from facing the hard feelings and situations in life, I can see exactly what your obstacles are. I have unique solutions because I can see exactly what your soul map is. I can decode it and give you tangible next steps.

My Gift to You

What the Four Heart Lines Tell You About Your Relationships


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  • Baeth Davis

    Hand Analyst, Los Angeles

    "You are an AMAZING, AMAZING communicator. One of the BEST I've EVER read. And I read a lot!

  • Nick Dienel

    M.D, Cardiologist, Oregon

    "Your insights on behavior and human psychology are amazing."

  • Jenny

    Santa Cruz

    "The information and insights from you is the best and most accurate sense of myself that I have gotten from another. I wish I had had some of this earlier in my life.

  • Deb Marsh

    New Zealand

    "The way you explain things makes them so easy to understand."

  • Andy Kiorpes

    PhD, DVM, Minnesota

    "The examples are very clear and the writing is excellent.. I can hear you talking."

  • Tom Jackson

    M.D, Psychiatrist, Idyllwild, CA

    "Pamelah's reading provided insight and clarity that one could spend thousands of dollars in therapy and never achieve."

  • Jeanette McNelis

    Chico, CA

    "Your story telling and style of writing makes much more sense of the database than any other way I have experienced learning it. Thank you so much for contributing to my learning weather it be for me or for what I give to others."