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  • Baeth Davis

    Hand Analyst, Los Angeles

    "You are an AMAZING, AMAZING communicator. One of the BEST I've EVER read. And I read a lot!

  • Tom Jackson

    M.D, Psychiatrist, Idyllwild, CA

    "Pamelah's reading provided insight and clarity that one could spend thousands of dollars in therapy and never achieve."

  • Jeanette McNelis

    Chico, CA

    "Your story telling and style of writing makes much more sense of the database than any other way I have experienced learning it. Thank you so much for contributing to my learning weather it be for me or for what I give to others."

  • Nick Dienel

    M.D, Cardiologist, Oregon

    "Your insights on behavior and human psychology are amazing."

  • Andy Kiorpes

    PhD, DVM, Minnesota

    "The examples are very clear and the writing is excellent.. I can hear you talking."

  • Jenny

    Santa Cruz

    "The information and insights from you is the best and most accurate sense of myself that I have gotten from another. I wish I had had some of this earlier in my life.

  • Deb Marsh

    New Zealand

    "The way you explain things makes them so easy to understand."