Soul Satisfying Mentorship & Self-Awareness Tools from the world's most respected Hand Analyst, Pamelah Landers.

  • Fulfill your life purpose (your calling) while being true to your design,
  • Transform the constant pressure to succeed into trust, and self-love,
  • Experience being truly seen for your mastery, gifts, and talents.
My Gift To You

Your Introduction to Intuitive Gift Markings

Are you a master in your field and yet still feel the constant pressure to succeed?

Hand analysis, which was born out of palm reading, shows you the map in your hands that reveals your soul's purpose for incarnating in this lifetime. When you begin studying the map of your hands, it creates a lot of ease and trust and the pressure is reduced. Many of my students and clients say they feel like they finally have permission to be themselves once they understand the design in their hands.

As a master in your field, the pressure you feel can come from not living your design, resisting your life purpose, or putting off answering your calling. I know, I've been there.

I've created multiple products in book and audio format that provide details about being true to your design...which can help relieve that underlying pressure.

If "relieving the pressure" interests you, here are some tools based on the lines and fingerprints in your hands that can support you.

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Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Life School


Your Extra Potential Talent


Your Heart Lines, the Emotional Expression Markers in your Hands



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For the past 30 years, people have told me, “I wish I had known this about my partner and me before I started dating, before I got married, and before I got divorced.”

Whether you’re on the verge of divorce, chronically single or somewhere in between, this new entrance into understanding your emotional guidance system helps you build, maintain, and grow relationships that work.

Communication is truly the bottom line of success or non-success in relationships, right?

What if you knew that there is a unique line in each of your hands that specifically and tangibly identifies your communication and love style?

And what if you knew that everybody has one of these lines but they are not all the same?
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