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Trusting Intuition by Pamelah Landers

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One of the most common questions I hear regularly is, “How do I know what is my intuition and what is not?” There actually are some tangible ways to recognize the difference between what is your ‘mind chatter’ vs. ‘your intuition.’ In this e-book, specifics are addressed to help you take ownership of your intuitive skills.

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  • Joni Richards - Houston, Texas

    "As a retired President of an award-winning employment agency, I recognize Pamelah Landers' Hand Analysis expertise as a dynamic, pertinent and highly effective contribution to the human condition, both in a personal and business environment.

    "Certainly from a business standpoint, gaining the knowledge from Pamelah's work would have done much to shed light upon and hopefully alleviate the number one reason I found for job turnover...personality conflicts in the workforce.

    "From a personal standpoint, the application towards parent-child relationships offers insights that can have a life long effect. I cannot imagine how anyone could not benefit from experiencing Pamelah's in-depth knowledge and gentle interpersonal approach."

  • Stephen B.

    "Working with Pamelah in private sessions provided profound support for me to step into ownership of my spiritual gifts. She really sees me. Her intuitive insights resonate with me. Guidance from Pamelah helps me to clarify clear action steps to take and to deepen trust in myself. Her words “Trust! Trust! Trust!” are often in my head.

    Pamelah's direct style of communication appeals to me and we can reach the bottom line in a very short amount of time. Plus, she has introduced me to some of the most amazing people.

    Thank you Pamelah!"

  • Jeffrey Van Dyk - CEO, The Courageous Messenger

    "There are few people who are true masters in their craft - Pamelah is one of them. She has a tremendous depth of care and wisdom. Every time I talk with her, I see myself more clearly and understand who I am with greater depth. I've worked with Pamelah intensively and she is the guide I continue to turn to when I know something new is emerging in my life or business and I need to make sense of where I'm at and the direction I'm meant to head.

    "Pamelah helps me understand how to navigate my path forward, taking more and more ownership of my gifts and design along the way. She's been so instrumental in my journey and business that I've even hired her to support my year-long mentoring clients, where I've seen her gifts multiply many times over."

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