Your Introduction to Intuitive Gift Markings

If you are ready to make some shifts so you are heard, you are seen, and you have permission to share your insights, and express your gifts more fully, I can help.

Using Scientific Hand Analysis, my intuition and well-earned insightful wisdom from facing the hard feelings and situations in life, I can see exactly what your obstacles are. I have unique solutions because I can see exactly what your soul map is. I can decode it and give you tangible next steps.

It’s all in your hands. Your Soul Map and agreements. Your Design. Your Giftedness.

What is a Gift Marking?

  • Gift Markings are line formations on the palms or fingers.
  • Gift Markings identify Extra Potential Talent.
  • There are 18 distinct Gift Markings that can appear in a person’s hands.
  • Approximately 10-15% of the general population has some type of Gift Marking.
  • Each individual Gift Marking may appear on as little as 1-2% of the population.
  • Multiples of an individual Gift Marking on your hands may put you in 1% or less of the population.
  • Each Gift Marking is to be considered a central focus of your life in addition to the fingerprints identifying your Life Purpose, your DNA marking your soul agreement.
  • In some cases, a Gift Marking may be even more prominent than fingerprints and require more attention. That’s how important a Gift Marking can be.
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Your hands are your individual soul map for this lifetime. Your unique, personal map is determined by how your lines are drawn and how they intersect, the shape and texture of your hands and fingers and your fingerprint markings.

Your entire body is your individual soul map, which is why no two people look exactly the same. Your left and right hands don’t look exactly the same, either. Your hands are a microcosm of your entire body. That means if you know somebody who reads faces, for example, they would find the same general information about you from your face, but using their own language.

The Science of Hand Analysis

Hand Analysis is a systematic methodology of looking at the hands to determine your Life Purpose, Life Lesson, talents, motivations, and behavioral patterns.

Hand Analysis is a teachable, learnable science. The value of it is the accurate and rapid access to your bottom-line core issues and core motivators. Hand Analysis confirms and clarifies. It gives you permission to appreciate and accept who you are.

The basis of the science comes from medical journals that describe how fingerprint patterns start forming 14 weeks after conception and are completely formed by 16 to 20 weeks and never change. There are also structural rules that can apply to all lines, hand shape, finger shape and length.

Aristotle, a noted teacher of hand reading, said that palmistry was an ancient science worthy of the most noble minds.

How Hand Analysis Differs From Palmistry

Though Hand Analysis studies the same lines as Palmistry and is based in the same body of knowledge, it differs from palmistry in the following ways:
  • Hand Analysis is not about predictions or “fortune telling.”
  • Hand Analysis employs consistent and reproducible structural rules
  • Hand Analysis can be taught.
  • Hand Analysis does not require being psychic

How Many Gift Markings are Common?

About 10 -15% of the general worldwide population has at least one Gift Marking. Some people have two or three (maybe about 5% of the population), and fewer people have more than three, estimating between 1% and 2% or less of the general population.

Life can be complex as different Gift Markings compete for air time.

If you have multiple Gift Markings, sometimes one of them tends to be dominant over the others. One way to determine which Gift Marking is dominant is by opening your hands, close your eyes, then open your eyes and see where you look. Another way is to see which one is biggest, strongest or most deeply grooved. For example, it may be really clearly marked that your eye goes straight to a Hal 9000 headline. If you have multiples of one type (you may have two Medical Stigmatas, one on each hand, possibly) and only one of other types, the one with multiples tends to be the strongest, but not always. For example, I have three stars of Jupiter so that is dominant in my hands. With other Gift Markings I have one or two.

Extra Potential Talent

With each Gift Marking comes the requirement of life-centered expression, creating even more Extra Potential Talent. If not used, life can be more difficult than for those without Gift Markings. There is a much stronger responsibility to live and express your Gift Marking than other hand markings, except maybe fingerprints. And sometimes more is required from you than expressing only your Life Purpose identified in your fingerprints. If you have multiple Gift Markings, you can feel the additional pressure much of the time, if not all the time, to “do more” with your life. It’s like there is something missing if you don’t take action to express your Gift Marking.

In order to be soulfully happy, truly, using your Gift Markings is a requirement. Nothing can substitute for it. The trick is using it ‘enough’ for soul satisfaction.

Let me say here that people who do not have Gift Markings may not appreciate the pressure you are under all the time. Nor will they always understand what you are faced with to find soul satisfaction. The more Gift Markings you have, the more challenging this issue is in relationships. They may be jealous of your talent or try to contain you, hold you to their vision of you for their own comfort and not see you, see what you need to live the life your Gift Markings require. Or they aren’t designed to see who you are.

If you have many Gift Markings and are in partnership with somebody else who has many Gift Markings, but their markings are different, this provides another extra challenge. Of course it can be managed within the context of your relationship but understanding what each of you is facing is important for success.
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