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Personal Gift Markings

PDF download. 81 pages, 8 ½” x 11”

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  1. The Star of Venus
  2. The Star of Mars
  3. The Star of Saturn
  4. The Star of Mercury
  5. The Star of Intention

The reason these are considered “personal” is none of them requires doing anything in the public eye nor are they intuitive Gift Markings. Although they still have the potency of being a Gift Marking, how you live your life and then become a role model, as a byproduct of how you live, is what matters.

1.Star of Venus includes:
~ Purpose of this Gift Marking – Pleasure, Delight, Joy

~ Venus Mythology
~ Venus’ partnerships in Mythology
~ Family/Mother importance to Venus
~ Love in All Forms
~ The Alchemical Goddess
~ Sexuality as an expression of love and not just sex
~ Birthing something new (the mother archetype)
~ Charm and flirting
~ Delight and fun – what does that mean for a Venus marked person?
~ Luxury and beauty and the important role they play for this Gift Marking
~ Student Path

2. Star of Mars includes:
~ Purpose of this Gift Marking- Extra Courage

~ Mythology of Mars
~ Exceptional Courage
~ Risk-taking in many forms
~ Protector – Warrior Mode (feminine and masculine approaches)
~ Women with Stars of Mars
~ The Advocate
~ Physical outlets are necessary – fire energy
~ The Rejected Son from the mythology perspective, applied to real life
~ Student Path

3. Star of Saturn includes:
1. Mythology of Saturn
2. King Midas as part of the mythology
3. Structures & Systems
4. Resourcefulness
5. Generating Wealth
6. Hub of the Wheel/Nexus Person
7. Right Work for Right Pay
8. Worth, Value and Deserving
9. Over-contributing
10. Entrepreneurship
11. Student Path

4. Star of Mercury includes:
 ~ Purpose of the Gift Marking – Cleverness and Ingenuity

~ Mythology of Mercury (additional perspectives beyond the Lines of Genius and ~ Medical Stigmata Gift Markings in other books)
~  Crossing Boundaries, traveling between worlds and how that works daily
~  Other aspects of Mercury Mythology
~ Mercury’s first day and why it matters, describes what this Gift Marking can do
~ Cleverness and Ingenuity
~ The feedback loop and why it’s so important
~ Eloquence planned and unplanned
~ Avoiding feeling trapped, advocating and abdicating responsibility
~ Student Path

5. Star of Intention includes:
~ Gift Marking Purpose – imposing your will to create and manifest intentions
~ Is your focus worthy of your capabilities?
~ Imposing your will – the why and how of it; choices
~ You won’t stop at anything
~ Manifesting your own intentions
~ Support – the importance of asking and what type of support
~ Student Path

Personal Gift Markings