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Public Requirements Gift Markings

PDF download. 86 pages, 8 ½” x 11”.

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  1. Star of Jupiter
  2. Star of Apollo
  3. Star of Pluto
  4. Lines of Genius

Public Requirements means at some level you express your Gift Marking with other people, followers, or groups or in a public way like being on stage or writing a book. Each of these four Gift Markings has a different requirement for how to express in the public.

Public Gift Markings also means that expressing this gift marking in a public forum is going to be more soul satisfying than working one-on-one with people. For each Gift Marking you will see how that applies. Each one has a different way that being in relationship with the public is easiest and soul satisfying.

If you have multiple of the Gift Markings in this category (I have all 4) it is a soul satisfaction requirement to explore ways, with support, to be in the public eye – in a variety of ways. It can change over time.

I’ve been a leader of groups in many venues, have been in the public eye/visible with my creative expressions in multiple forms, am a writer/public communicator and support groups of people with radical transformation. Some of the expressions are combined in one group, sometimes not.

Each gift marking section has multiple hand print examples. 


  1. Star of Jupiter includes

~ Purpose of the Gift Marking with many stories

~ Challenges/Student Path of the Gift Marking many aspects with many stories

~ What it means to be a Super-achiever with examples and stories

~ The mythology of Jupiter also called Zeus

~ Power: Jupiter is about power and a full spectrum of conversation about that is shared with examples and stories

~ Leadership and influence experiences, stories and examples

~ ‘God of the Gods’ Realm Management including expanding the realm

~ The importance of Royalty examples and stories


  1. Star of Apollo includes:

~ Purpose of the Gift Marking

~ Challenges/Student Path of the Gift Marking

~ Mythology of Apollo

~ What is artistic expression – expanding your definition

~ The importance of receiving

~ The need for multiple creative expressions

~ The analogy of the Archer from mythology of Apollo

~ The desire for constant change

~ The importance of the “Favorite Son Syndrome”


  1. Lines of Genius includes

~ Purpose of the Gift Marking

~ Challenges/student path of the Gift Marking

~ Mythology of Mercury

~ Decoding/translating/interpreting abstract concepts

~ The importance of mass communications


  1. Star of Pluto

~ Purpose of the Gift Marking

~ Challenges/Student path of the Gift Marking

~ Mythology of Pluto/Hades

~ Radical transformation – examples and stories for local and global shifts

~ Radical transformation for the owner of the Gift Marking – stories

~ Examples of Pluto style unique leadership

~ Destroying to rebuild/bring to light from the dark

~ Secrets, addictions, abuse, neglect

~ Impact of ‘underground wealth’ for Pluto Star marked people

Public Requirements Gift Markings